Best Cannabis Strains

There are hundreds of strains of cannabis on the market at the moment, with new strains being developed constantly. With all these choices, it can be hard to figure out what is the best strain for you.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the greatest strains out there currently, from legendary classics to some more recent strains.

We’ve also included a ‘Smoker’s Guide’ to help you figure out what makes these strains a great choice, as well as some information on what to look for when choosing the right strain for you.

So grab some snacks, get cozy, and let’s get right into it!

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1 – OG Kush


The absolute Granddaddy of West-Coast hybrids, OG Kush (also known as ‘Premium OG’) is still one of the most popular strains out there currently.

It first blew up in California in the 90s, with its high THC content and laid-back high becoming synonymous with California’s stoner culture. Part of the reason for its popularity is the high itself – unlike many other strong strains, OG Kush doesn’t make you sleepy or give you a burst of energy.

It’s just a relaxing experience that’s great for stress relief and having a great afternoon. 

Despite its exact origin being a bit of a mystery, OG Kush has birthed plenty of other hybrids and is the parent of many other popular hybrid strains. That said, you can’t beat the OG.


  • OG Kush gives you a chill, laid-back high without the drowsiness of other indica-dominant strains.
  • Its high THC content means it packs a punch – it’s popular for a reason!
  • This classic strain has had several decades to be honed to perfection, and as such has become an A-Grade smoke.


  • OG Kush will give you the munchies. Trust us.
  • It also has that famous ‘Kush’ flavor profile, which you either love or hate. If strong and sharp flavors aren’t your favorite, you may need to look at a different strain.

2 – Gorilla Glue (GG#4)


A strain that has sky-rocketed in popularity over the past few years, Gorilla Glue truly packs a punch. Named for how it keeps you ‘glued to your seat’, this indica-dominant hybrid delivers a heavy, relaxing high.

It comes in pungent buds with resin crystalized inside, and has a strong earthy and pine flavor. If OG Kush doesn’t have enough oomph for you, Gorilla Glue is sure to deliver.


  • Gorilla Glue delivers a very strong, euphoric high that is great for unwinding.
  • Due to its strength, it tends to last longer, saving you from having to pick up more straight away.
  • Its popularity makes it cheaper and more readily available than other strains.


3 – Strawberry Amnesia


If you aren’t the biggest fan of indica strains, or simply want something a little more energizing, Strawberry Amnesia is the choice for you. This powerful sativa marries blissful euphoria with a calming clarity that keeps you productive.

Not only that, but it gives the same relaxing body-high as Amnesia Haze, leading to a relaxing and calming experience. This strain is great for dealing with stress and anxiety, and for staying alert while you’re high.

Just make sure that you’re not smoking too much at once – the resin-coated bud of this strain is powerful stuff!


  • It combines a euphoric and calming head-high with a relaxing body-high for a well-rounded experience.
  • There is a pleasant taste with sweet notes, which give it its name.
  • One of the best sativa strains out there currently, Strawberry Amnesia has definitely earned its popularity.


  • Be cautious if using it to help with mood, as this strain is deceptively strong. Having too much at once can mess up your mood more than it helps it.
  • This isn’t something to smoke before bed due to its energizing effects – you’re better off smoking in the morning.

4 – Girl Scout Cookies


Another legendary strain, Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC for short) has enjoyed massive popularity since its relatively recent introduction in 2012. Part of the reason for its popularity is its iconic taste, which smokers maintain is identical to Thin Mints.

GSC is also frequently used as a medicinal strain, as its incredibly high THC content works wonders for chronic pain, stress, and nausea. This THC level is something to be wary of, however, with a massive 19% THC content.

If you don’t smoke that often or are used to weaker strains, you might want to skip this strain or at least build up to it. But if it sounds like the choice for you, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of chilled-out days.

Just remember to stock up the fridge, as GSC is well-known for bringing out your snacking side.


  • GSC brings on waves of euphoria and relaxation, giving you a well-rounded and calming high.
  • Great as a medicinal strain, it helps with chronic pain and stress.
  • Its famous and enjoyable flavor profile has created a reputation that far precedes the strain.


  • The massive THC levels may be too high for inexperienced smokers.
  • Another big munchie-inducer, make sure you have snacks to hand.

5 – Sour Diesel  


Lastly, rounding off our list is another one of the best sativa strains on the market. Sour Diesel, despite its strong (and slightly unpleasant) smell, delivers an enjoyable and energizing high.

Once again, the high THC content makes this a powerful strain, but the clarity and energy of Sour Diesel help round it out. Additionally, it is used as a medicinal strain for people with fatigue, stress, and depression, as it helps to clear and focus the mind.

There’s a reason this strain has been going strong since the 90s!


  • Great head-high that keeps your mind clear and active.
  • Sour Diesel provides a potent but well-rounded high with medical qualities, great for dealing with stress and depression.
  • You’ll definitely get things done with the high from this THC-loaded sativa strain.


  • This strain holds up to its name, with a strong odor that smells like gasoline.
  • Definitely a morning smoke, as the buzz will keep you active for hours.

Smoker’s Guide

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Now that we’ve looked at some of the best cannabis strains available, let’s take a look at some things to consider before choosing.

First things first, let’s break down the benefits of each variety of cannabis. Indicas tend to mellow you out, with relaxing body-highs that can cloud your mind a bit. Sativas, on the other hand, will give more of a head-high, with more energy and clarity.

Hybrids are the best of both worlds, with strains that can be more indica-dominant or sativa-dominant depending on preference. Hybrid strains like to combine the best aspects of the other varieties, marrying the relaxing indicas with the energizing sativas.

There isn’t any right or wrong choice with these; it simply comes down to your preference.

So with that in mind, consider what you want to get out of your choice. If you want a more relaxing high, or to help reduce pain and anxiety, an indica or indica-dominant strain is right up your alley.

Contrastingly, if you want something to boost your activity and creativity, a sativa is the strain for you. And if this all sounds great to you, hybrids are the perfect choice.

You also need to think about your tolerance. Are you a new smoker, or a long-time stoner looking to switch things up a bit? New smokers should avoid some of the super-strong strains on this list, as they can be too much if you’re not experienced.

Veteran cannabis consumers can handle much more, so all of these strains are guaranteed hits. Make sure you’re staying safe and responsible while you smoke.

What Strain is the Best For You?

So what’s the best cannabis strain for you? With such a selection to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. 

If you want a strain which health benefits, there are a few different strains that help with this. Indica strains can be good for chronic pain and stress, so indica-dominant hybrid strains like OG Kush are a great choice.

Sativas tend to be better for a clearer mind, so Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel are better for helping with anxiety or depression.

As mentioned earlier, the strength can vary between strains. Strains with too high a THC level can cause issues if you aren’t prepared, so avoid stronger strains unless you’re accustomed to a stronger high.

If you smoke frequently, you might be able to save a bit with a stronger strain. Gorilla Glue is super-strong, so you’re less likely to burn through it straight away. The same is true with GSC if you prefer a sativa.

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle, and how you will be using cannabis around it. If you want to have a nice mellow smoke at the end of a long day, OG Kush and Gorilla Glue will get you relaxed and ready for bed.

The same can’t be said for the sativas on this list, however. Strains like Strawberry Amnesia and GSC are great for keeping your mind active, and help boost creativity. These are both great for an early morning smoke, prepping your mind and body for a productive day.

Final Thoughts

All of the strains we’ve covered are great in their own ways, and will definitely serve you well. Again, there’s no right choice – just personal preference.

But just remember: no matter which strain you choose, make sure you stay safe and use it responsibly. 

Now all you need to do is take your pick, and enjoy!

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