ATF Strain

ATF’s full name is Alaskan Thunder Fuck (or Alaskan Thunderfuck), but most people use the abbreviated version ever since the drag queen Alaska Thunder Fuck 5,000 became so famous that her namesake began to take a back seat.

In mainstream media, this quirky yet elegant drag queen might be taking center stage, but back where it all began, ATF is still packing a punch. 


ATF is known for producing creative spirits and overall head highs. They are a favorite among people who suffer from migraines and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but are also loved by those who simply want to get an energetic boost.

Strain History

ATF is a Sativa legend in the cannabis world and is grown in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska.

The legend goes that the Northern California Sativa strains naturally mixed with Russian Ruderalis, which then cross-bred again with Afghani. The intense breeding created the hearty and powerful strain we know today. 

Of course, the legend is one thing, but let’s look at the facts!


Unfortunately, parts of this legend are true. No one really knows which Northern Californian Sativa strain was part of the original mix. Because the baseline heritage is unknown, we cannot recreate the plant from scratch. 

Luckily, flowers and cannabis are hermaphroditic creatures which means that as long as one plant still exists, we can make it reproduce with itself, and we can continue to grow more Alaskan Thunder Fucks.


ATF was bred from an unknown Northern Californian strain and Russian Ruderalis. Then in the 1970s, Afghani was put into the mixture as well. The end product was the ATF strain we know today.

Ruderalis are a wild breed of cannabis that has only recently been tested to grow indoors. The only way to make that work is to hybrid the pure form with something else.

Ruderalis are much smaller and stalker in their plant form, growing only 1 to 2.5 feet tall. This makes them perfect for small farming. 

Although they have a low THC rate, their auto-flowering nature means that breeding them with other plants could make more potent strains easier to grow.

That is precisely what happened with the Afghani strain in the 70s. This sweet, earthy, and relaxing strain was bred with the Russian Ruderalis hybrid in an attempt to make the child strain easier to grow but just as strong as the original Afghan.

But because the Northern California lineage was in the background, an unexpected flavor combination appeared!

Strain Appearance

This looser nug looks very different from its dominant parent, “Afghani.” Afghani strains are often super tight, with mainly orange hairs and hints of purple spiraling around.

The Alaskan Thunder Fuck, however, is very loose with thick, blocky orange hairs. There isn’t a single purple spiral to be found.

Strain Flavor

Afghan is known for being an earthly and pungent flavor with just a dab of sweetness around the sides. ATF follows in the same footsteps as its parent, but there are additional unexpected flavors mixed in there too.

The main flavors you can expect from ATF are earthly and sweet in nature, with a strong background taste of pine. However, after a couple of tokes, you should expect a flowery and even berry-like flavor to start to crop into view.

Lastly, these berry flavors often taste crisp near the end and finishes in a sour lemony kick smoothed over by a menthol or skunky flavor.

ATF contains so many flavors that you should truly enjoy the buds from start to finish to experience its entire range.

Strain Aroma

Afghan’s pungent flavors transferred dramatically into its aromas, but ATF, thankfully, is more subtle. However, it is still a direct scent, so we would not smoke it around unsympathetic areas or people.

The skunky and earthy scents take center stage, but after a while, the woody nature of the bud calms the aroma into a lullaby, which is only awakened by the quick cuts of citrus.

Strain Cannabinoids

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a dramatically Savita heavy strain to the point where most people say that it has no hybrid nature to it, however, its strongest parent is Afghani which is a potent Indica strain.

This is why ATF will give its users an amazing head high that many say eliminates their depression while at the same time relaxing you into easy conversations with your friends.

You will not be in a coach lock with this strain, and you don’t have to worry about burnout either. Many people consider ATF the perfect blend, which is why its heavy Savita status can confuse people.

Strain Terpenes

ATF’s dominant terpene is Myrcene, which is a herbal flavor. It is the reason for the earthy tastes and more relaxing vibe.

The other strong terpenes are Caryophyllene and Limonene. Caryophyllene is more of a peppery flavor which is why we receive a bit of skunky aromas near the end of the toke, but the Limonene terpenes contain the sweeter but mostly citrus flavors. 

Strain Side Effects

It is always important to acknowledge the side effects that could upset or harm you. When it comes to the Alaskan Thunder Fuck’s negative implications, you do not have to worry about anything too dramatic.

Most people who smoke this bud experience dry mouth symptoms. To prepare for this, you should keep a couple of bottles of water with you at all times. Other people complain of dry eyes.

To help with this, we suggest keeping eye moistening sprays with you. You can get them at your local pharmacy or online; either way, they will be able to save your eyes from becoming dry.

The last and least common side effect of ATF is dizziness. If you experience dizziness, sit down, take a few breaths and wait for the ground to come back to you. Only 7% of people experience dizziness, so you will likely be fine.


Medical Benefits

ATF is excellent at producing happy thoughts, euphoric feelings, and an overall energetic disposition. Because of this, Alaskan Thunder Fuck is well known for being the top choice by people who struggle with depression.

The overwhelming feeling of joy mixed with an instant boost of energy means that those dark clouds which normally circle around your head will be gone.

This is also why those who struggle with anxiety enjoy the earthy flavors of ATF too. You might think that all of this energy would make stressed-out individuals overworked, but in fact, the euphoric feeling allows them to see clarity in their work, reducing stress and boosting energy.

Strain Review

We recommend using Alaskan Thunder Fuck on the days where you have no “get up and go.” The high you’ll receive takes a moment to creep through your body, but all of a sudden, you’ll find yourself mildly dazed as the euphoric feelings float in your mind.

As the happiness builds, you’ll notice an energized feeling pulsing through your body.

Even though you will feel lifted and energized, that golden haze will stop you from running wild, although it’s not enough to make you sleepy. 

Strain Grow Info

Alaskan Thunder Fuck should not be grown by a true novice. Although it isn’t the most difficult strain to flower, it does require more time, dedication, and knowledge than the easier strains that don’t suffer from viruses or mildew.

Strain Seeds

These seeds can be planted in either indoor conditions or outdoor ones. They can handle colder temperatures than most, but you should still make sure that the cold doesn’t mess with the soil pH.

Due to the Russian Ruderalis heritage, the plant will not grow taller than 30 inches, so if you keep the seedlings inside, you should be able to house them in a covered farming station without too much difficulty.

Strain Flowering Time

Growing your seedlings indoors means you can produce a faster growing speed. You can expect an indoor seedling to take around 7 to 9 weeks to flower and produce usable buds. 

If you plant the Alaskan Thunder Fuck outside, it will only flower during mid-October. But this is only true if they have had time to develop. Although outdoor growing takes longer, you can expect a bigger yield from the harvest.

Strain Yield

If you grew the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain indoors, then you can expect a small yield of 1 oz per square foot. 

If you grew the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain outdoors, you could expect a bigger yield of around 3 oz per flower.

Frequently Asked  Questions

What Are Alaskan Thunder Fuck’s Most Common “Children”?

AFT’s most common children species are Chronic Thunder and Chocolate Thunder.

As you can expect, Chronic Thunder was bred from AFT and Chronic, which created a diesel-like spicy flavor that makes you sleepy.

Chocolate Thunder, on the other hand, was coupled with Chocolope to create a strain that is perfect for those who need a bounce of energy and inspiration.

This strain prompts concentration and creativity. It doesn’t taste like chocolate, but with earthy and sweet flavors, it does come close to it.

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