Alien Rift Strain

Alien Rift is an Indica leaning strain that was created by crossing the genetics of alien abduction, alien dawg, and alien OG. This has made the potency of alien rift to be around 20 – 24% THC and zero CBD.

Much of this THC content may come from its first parent, alien abduction. This Indica dominant strain has a very high potency of 29% THC and is just 1% CBD.

Alien Rift Strain

The next parent strain is alien dawg, which has its roots in both Northern California and Afghanistan.

This strain has a relatively normal amount of THC at 20%, but reportedly contains zero CBD, which is very rare. Like the last strain, it is predominantly Indica based.

The final parent in this mix is alien OG. This is once again a very potent strain with a THC level of 28% and zero CBD, though this strain is actually Sativa-based rather than Indica.

Coming from California, this strain has a long genetic history that has made it one of the best strains for a psychedelic high.


Alien rift was created by the highly respected Ocean Grown Seeds, who specialize in “top-shelf” strain, and are always trying to improve on their designs. Alien rift was bred to be an improvement on their signature alien abduction strain.

Strain Appearance

Alien Rift has quite an iconic appearance compared to other strains, which was an intentional design by Ocean Grown Seeds. This strain is distinguished by small to medium-sized blooms that range in shape from cones to nearly spherical.

In the tight, Indica bud structure, the mossy green leaves adhere to each other, making this strain quite sticky. Lavender and deep purple flashes are common all over the bud.

The color of this strain will depend on the temperature of the location you are growing it in. Colder than average temperatures disrupt pigments called anthocyanins in the plant’s DNA, resulting in bright colors.

This process is similar to how falling chlorophyll levels cause red and yellow foliage in the autumn. The pistils of these multicolored leaves are burned orange and thread their way through them.

Strain Flavor

What’s odd about this stain is that it does not have any discernible taste.

While some people report that it may taste earthy, like chemicals, or like citrus, these tastes are so weak that many people find them unnoticeable.

If you do taste anything, you will probably notice it more on the exhale rather than the inhale, as people regularly report that on the inhale it just tasted smooth and clean.

Strain Aroma

Unlike the taste, alien rift has a very discernible aroma. You may notice a chemical smell, similar to that of cleaning products or diesel.

When you break up or grind the buds, the smell changes to that of incense, which is reflected in the citrus-like tastes that some people report.

The most overwhelming smell though with be the typical earthy aroma found in many cannabis strains. This typical pungy smell will fill the room, so make sure that you are not smoking this where you shouldn’t as this smell is very noticeable.

Strain Cannabinoids

There are several cannabinoids found in the alien rift strain. As the amount varies depending on where you buy this strain and how it is crown/cultivated, these are just the average amounts.

  • THC – 23 – 25.2%
  • CBD – 0.24 – 0.56%
  • CBC – 0.32 – 0.9%
  • CBG – 0.28 – 0.74%
  • CBN – 0.06 – 0.23%
  • THCV – 0.22 – 0.82%

Strain Terpenes

While there are many terpenes found in this strain, there are three dominant ones. The first is Myrcene, which is found in the majority of cannabis strains.

It is known for its calming and relaxing effects, and its herbal or spicy flavor. It is also known to have some medical benefits, as it can be used as a weak sedative and has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects.

The next most prevalent terpene is Carene. This terpene has a scent that is similar to musk and pine, though sometimes you may notice a citrus-like aroma, similar to that of a lemon.

Like Myrcene, it reportedly has some beneficial medical properties as it is an anti-inflammatory and may even have some positive effects on the nervous system.

However, it is known to dry out the body somewhat, meaning that cannabis with this terpene in it is more likely to cause dry mouth.

The final most prevalent terpene is Limonene. This one is known for its mood-enhancement and anti-stress effects. If a strain contains a lot of this then it will give you a high-energy effect that may also make you more creative.

Like the other terpenes on this list, it also has several medical benefits, with this one being commonly used in the medical marijuana industry.

It is useful in treating patients who suffer from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression and is also a pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory. It can even help people who are suffering from some forms of cancer.

Strain Side Effects

Like all strains, alien rift has some good and bad side effects when smoked. The most positive effect reported is a feeling of euphoria, mixed with a sense of being relaxed and calm.

People often feel very sleepy a few hours after smoking this strain, which is useful if you struggle with getting to sleep and then staying asleep.

Another side effect is hunger, which may be positive or negative depending on what you want to gain from this strain.

The worst negative side effect associated with alien rift is an often overwhelming thirst due to the dry mouth that it causes. This is due to the Carene terpene in the strain.

Some people also get a headache, which may be due to the sudden dehydration of the body that this strain causes. If you want to smoke this strain then you should keep some water beside you at all times.

Medical Benefits

While this strain cannot be used to treat any illnesses, it may be useful in alleviating the symptoms of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADHD.

This is because of the euphoric effects of the strain, which is able to reduce stress and cause the mind to relax. It can also focus the mind on a single task, which people with ADHD struggle with.

Alien rift may also be useful in treating the symptoms of chronic pain, as well as helpful for people who suffer from general aches and pains.

This is thanks to the sedative effects that this strain causes, as well as the anti-inflammatory properties that the terpenes can have on the body.

Strain Review

Alien rift produces a mild high at first, and it may take several bowls or tokes to feel its full effects.

Smokers may experience heightened senses at first, with sights, sounds, and even tastes becoming brighter and louder. As your brain adjusts to the effects of the cannabis, users may feel that their concentration is more focused and purposeful.

This logical (but not overly cerebral) mindset is good for tasks such as reviewing a to-do list or cleaning the house, and it can also lead to increased sociability.

Alien rift’s Indica potency is immediately obvious as a tingling sensation travels down the spine, into the core, and into the limbs. If you have any aches and pains, it is around this time that you will notice them melting away, as your muscles loosen and you feel more relaxed.

Still, so long as you don’t smoke too much, you should be able to keep moving around and avoid couch-lock.

Eventually though, you will feel so relaxed that you need to sit or lie down. That is why this strain is best enjoyed in the evening, as it will be able to help you get to sleep.

After smoking this, you will notice that the dry mouth side effect appears almost immediately, so keep some drinks nearby to avoid getting a headache from dehydration.

Strain Grow Info

Strain Seeds

Alien rift seeds can be bought from almost any online seed seller, including from Ocean Grown Seeds themselves. You may also be able to purchase them from cannabis dispensaries depending on what they stock.

Strain Flowering Time

This strain will flower in 53-63 days depending on its growing conditions. You will then be able to harvest it after around 72 days.

Strain Yield

How much cannabis you are able to get off one plant will depend on where you are growing it. If you are growing this strain outside, then you can expect a yield of 10 – 15 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant). If you are growing this plant indoors then you will get a smaller yield of 0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²).

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