Afghan Goo Strain Review

Afghan goo or often referred to as afgoo is an indica-dominant strain that descends from afghani and Maui haze.

Afghan Goo Strain Review

If you’re interested in using afghan goo then you’ll be happy to know that this in-depth review will guide you through everything you should know about using or even growing it. 


This strain is relatively potent and you should be able to feel the high come on quickly after your first puff leaving you feeling uplifted and more relaxed within only a few moments. 

It can have a high content of up to 23% in THC which gives you that stronger high.

Afgoo should not be a go-to strain for first-time smokers as they may find it overwhelmingly strong and leave them fast asleep on the couch within less than 20 minutes. 

What Is Afghan Goo Strain?

How Was Afghan Goo Developed?

As we briefly mentioned, afgoo is a hybrid of the Afghani strain and Maui haze strains. It’s been around since the 1980s and was created by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands.


Afghan goo has a distinct herbal taste with spicy and woody undertones that appears nutty when you exhale. You’ll experience a sweet and sticky aftertaste that intensifies as the ground nugs are burned within the blunt wrap.

Odor & Flavor

The smell of afghan goo is very potent, so you won’t be able to hide the fact that you’re growing or smoking it as it’ll linger wherever it goes. 

The smell of it is slightly fruitier than the taste but once its burns you’ll notice the earthy and woody pine notes.

Physical Appearance

Despite half of its parent strain being haze, afghan goo has light to medium green colored buds with the buds being extremely hard and compact.

With certain yields of afghan goo, you’ll be able to notice some orange hairs sneaking through the green buds. 

Afghan goo gets its name from how sticky it is, each nug is coated in sticky and sweet resin which is often what gives it the lighter coloring. The sticky trichomes are what give this strain such a high THC content. 

Grow Info

Afghan goo can be grown indoors and outdoors, but those who decide to grow it outdoors will reap a higher yield, especially in more Mediterranean climates.

If you do intend to grow this strain inside, then it would be recommended to use a hydroponics system as you’ll have complete control over the climate that the seeds grow.

It’s a small but bushy plant that will do well in smaller spaces, so if you decide to grow it in your home, then it shouldn’t take up too much space. 

As we mentioned, afghan goo is particularly potent so unless you live in a more secluded area or you have a specialized growing construction then we wouldn’t recommend growing it yourself. 

It will take around 7-9 weeks for afghan goo to flower and is considered moderately difficult to look after when growing it at home.


Afghan goo is an indica-dominant strain that is incredibly strong and will fill you with happiness but will instantly ease any stress that you are currently experiencing.

You may feel some waves of euphoria as this is a hybrid with sativa, however, you should predominantly feel relaxed and as time goes on, eventually feeling sleepy. 

The best time to smoke afghan goo is during the evening, or on days where you plan on doing nothing as it is primarily used as a de-stressor and can commonly cause people to lie on the couch all day.

It can put people in a dream-like state during their high and is often smoked by people at nighttime to help them get to sleep. 

Side Effects

As with any strain of mary jane, you’ll probably experience a dry mouth and some dry red eyes so it won’t be a good idea to smoke this before work unless your colleagues are as chilled out as you.

Those who smoke too much afghan goo in one go may feel dizzy or experience a headache from the rush of the cannabinoids to the body, but it’s nothing a lie-down and potentially a nap will fix.

Medical Appointments

Afghan goo is a popular medical marijuana used by people who struggle with a variety of health and medical conditions.

It’s a great candidate for people who struggle with stress and intense bouts of anxiety as it calms you down into a more relaxed and bearable state that could also regulate your emotions.

It’s also used by people who struggle with sleep problems like insomnia as this strain puts you in an incredibly sleepy state as a few tokes of this will easily put you to sleep.

Due to the uplifting properties, those who struggle with depression and PTSD will feel lighter and more uplifted throughout the day if they smoke this.

Those who want to smoke afghan goo during the daytime to make it easier to get by will need to moderate how much they use to avoid being put into a sleepy state and feeling unmotivated to do anything. 

Many people who struggle with ADHD or ADD are said to use afghan goo due to the indica effects that calms them and puts them in a more relaxed state where they can focus more on what they need to do. 

Similar Strains

As afghan goo is primarily smoked and used by people to chill out, relax and also alleviate any stress or anxieties, any sort of indica strain that has a higher THC content will be a good alternative.

We recommend cookie monster as it has a 23% THC content and is also made up of 80% indica like afghan goo is. Other strains we’d recommend using as an alternative would be afghan kush and Hindu kush.

Strain Cannabinoids 

Afghan goo can have a THC content as high as 23% so in-frequent smokers and even seasoned users will need to be careful as it’s easy to overdo it with this strain.

Its content is predominantly made up of indica, which helps people relax and chill out but there is still around 20% sativa in its makeup, which will still uplift moods and also give spells of euphoria throughout the high. 

The CBD average of afghan goo is around 6% which is why it’s often preferred by medicinal users to relieve pain and to alleviate mental health symptoms. 

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