A DUB Strain Review

The A dub strain is an example of modern chemovar cultivation in the marijuana industry that has resulted in strains that are genetically optimised for certain purposes.

The A dub strain is an example of that and is pioneering for it’s high levels of THC and strong effects. High Times granted the strain the title of the ‘second strongest’ strain around in 2014.

A DUB Strain Review

Being a combination of three very popular strains there’s no wonder this happened and hasn’t happened before. Some clever botany and horticulture has given us this sour green THC bomb that is loved by the veterans among us.

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Strain History


The genetics of A dub are obviously what makes this such a popular and strong strain. The strains are a combination of its direct parent features but also an amalgamation of all the strains’ ancestors which have similar and desirable features.

Most genetic reports suggest that Sour Double and AlienDawg are the parents, but Sour Double is already a cross between Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble, and AlienDawg is a cross between Alien Tech and ChemDawg.

So you’re in for a world of fun with the love child of this THC orgy, A Dub. There’s no wonder this strain is so strong and popular with this list of ancestors.


The strain originates in the marijuana paradise which is California, the only place a strain this famous could be made.

It is hard to find information about the original stoned brain that came up with this amazing chemovar, or to understand the story that brought this strain to life, but we can make some decent assumptions.

As mentioned, this strain is a combination of some of the most potent, most popular, and genetically optimised strains in modern cannabis horticulture. So, it’s no surprise someone tried to combine them all together.

The trend of modern cannabis cultivation is often to get the highest THC content and can become a bit of an arms race among growers.

Conversely, this could have been cultivated for its strength to help the medicinal benefits of the strain add up, the THC content is desirable to those who suffer chronic pain and want some green relief.

The name likely comes from the slang term that refers to a bag of weed.

The term comes from a slang phrase for rims that are at least twenty inches, although in weed slang terms a ‘dub’ is referring to the bag of weed your dealer gives you, back when cannabis was criminalized.

A ‘dub’ is usually a gram in weight, so perhaps the strain name is referring to the fact you will only need ‘A dub’ to get high off this strain.

Strain Appearance

Just think Sour Diesel but on steroids. The greens are greener and more sour, and the amber hairs are rife and are a peek into the strength of THC content.

Being an indica dominant strain they wear all the common signs, large dense buds and dark leaves. The bud is covered in the snowy THC crystals that are another sign of the bud’s THC quality.

Strain Flavor

This strain is just pure diesel flavor, what do you expect from such a kush heavy strain? The taste is pretty similar to Sour Diesel, just with a more complex network of sweet fruit and earthy diesel.

It tastes very earthy and diesley with notes of citrus on the exhale. Surprisingly, these earthy and kushy tastes blend together to make a pretty smooth smoke that most user reports support.

Oftentimes, people relate strong THC content with a harsh smoke but A dub is a strain that breaks this mould.

Strain Aroma

The strain has an interesting floral scent like many indicas that is underscored by the woodsy and earthy kush scents, think lime and piney scents.

It smells pretty good but when ground up expect this odour to double once the flower’s cells have been squashed around. We wouldn’t recommend taking this into a public place that isn’t canna-friendly.

Strain Cannabinoids

Most reports have the strain as an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa hybrid, so this leaves the effects at an Indica buzz with some Sativa high to keep you from being sucked into the couch.

The strain came second in the High Times 2014 ‘Strongest Strain on Earth’ competition, so you can be sure this strain is super heavy gear.

The THC tests prove it to, the strain can range from anywhere between 25%, which is already extremely high, pardon the pun, to up to 35% THC which is astronomical.

The THC content generally depends on the drying and curing process and when the plant is harvested as well as its growing conditions.

Strain Terpenes

Terpene reports can differ with growing conditions, but the most reportedly dominant terpene is Myrcene, but the A dub strain also has high amounts of Alpha-pinene too.

Both these terpenes endow the strain with its smells, taste, and potential medical properties.

Myrcene is found in other plants such as lemongrass and thyme, so it gives the strain its earthy, peppery aromas that are commonplace within Indica dominant hybrids.

Side Effects

Not to be a broken record, but you might be if you smoke this strain, it is seriously strong. It didn’t come second in ‘Strongest stain on earth’ for no reason.

This strain is considered one of the strongest strains around, so it’s a very ambitious way to start your cannabis smoking career.

We really wouldn’t recommend this to beginner smokers at all really, if you have come across some A dub and want to smoke it but are a novice, we would suggest sharing a joint among a few friends to spread the dosing out.

If unprepared the strain could really freak you out and cause paranoia or anxiety episodes in the worst case, in the best case you might just fall asleep.

Expect the usual side effects that come with smoking, dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness.

Medical Benefits

However, the strain’s strength is also what endows the strain with its potential medicinal benefits. If you struggle with recurring pain then this strain could greatly sedate it, even the veteran smokers will feel numb from this potent strain.

The euphoric and mind altering effects of the strain could also reduce harsh symptoms of anxiety and depression. Some ADHD and ADD sufferers also report the strain as helping them remain focussed and puts a wet blanket on impulses and urges.

For the insomniacs among us a joint of this before bed will have lights out by 10pm, the sedation level is through the roof and the body buzz is pleasantly numbing.

Strain Review

What is there not to love about A dub, really. The strain is one of the strongest on earth according to High Times, although as modern genetic manipulation evolves in modern weed botany circles it’s sure to be trumped eventually.

If you like Sour Diesel, which a lot of people do, this is a great step up as it is similar to Sour Diesel but simply beefed up in terms of potency.

What we love about A dub is that even though the strain is very strong and diesel it isn’t that harsh and actually has some sweet fruit and honey notes in certain well grown crops, which is rare in most high THC strains that taste like petrol.

This is one for the weed connoisseur and veteran, rather than the newcomers to the game. Consider this the final boss of Indicas because as the name indicates, you will only need a dub to get high.

Strain Grow Information

Surprisingly, this strain is relatively easy to cultivate once you get your hands on some seeds. The strain grows best in a Mediterranean climate which is warm but relatively dry in terms of humidity.

The classically indica strain will be large and bushy so regular pruning of the higher leaves will prove fruitful for yield.

Cultivation of this strain could result in a longstanding harvest; it’s hard to smoke your way through a crop as it’s so strong, so one harvest would last a while.


A dub seeds are usually feminized but can be really hard to find online due to the strains popularity.

If you have a good relationship with a headshop or grower you could get your hands on some cuttings for propagation or grab some seeds for free.

Flowering Time

When grown indoors the flowering time is surprisingly early and should occur around 8 – 9 weeks in. Conversely if you are growing outdoors the plant should bear buds by mid October if planted seasonally.

Strain Yield

Expect around 12-14 ounces per square metre when grown indoors. When grown outdoors the plant can yield up to 14 ounces per plant. Sea of green and screen of green are all appropriate methods to get the most yield from A dub.

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