3 Bears OG Strain

Coming from the esteemed cultivators Mephisto Genetics, 3 Bears OG is a truly stunning marijuana strain. An Indica-dominant hybrid with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, its THC count of between 16 and 24% is deceptively powerful.

It was bred as the cornerstone of Mephisto’s Artisanal Collection, with the aim to create true OG Kush flavors and effects.

It has a spectacularly rich OG lineage, with numerous OG strains having been involved in the breeding and cross-pollination process.

3 Bears OG Strain

A spectacular fruity, sweet, and sour flavor captivates the user, whilst the sweetness and sour lemon linger in the air after exhalation. Its euphoric and relaxing qualities flow through mind and body before the powerful sedative and relaxing effects of the bud take hold.

Its buds are vibrant and colorful, with shades of purple, black, mint green, and vibrant orange pistils.

It’s a beauty to behold, with the icing on the cake being that it is completely covered in a layer of sticky white trichomes. Its sweet and sour aroma is dense, thick, and will easily fill any space the bud is consumed in.

Strain History


Mephisto Genetics crossed Bear OG, Karma’s OG Cut, and Triangle Kush to create 3 Bears OG. Triangle Kush is a famed strain that was first created in Florida.

Its name is a nod to the three ‘Capitals of Cannabis’ in Florida: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Karma’s OG, having won multiple awards and cups, is widely considered to be the finest strain to come from Karma Genetics.

It took them over four years to breed, by crossing three stellar OGs in OG #17, Hells Angels OG, and San Fernando Valley OG. Bear OG was created by crossing OG #17 with Biker Kush. This rich and layered lineage has led to the creation of a distinctive, and powerful strain, absolutely loaded with OG genetics.


3 Bears OG was created by Mephisto Genetics in Spain, as part of their Artisanal Collection. Mephisto Genetics was founded by two British guys, Mitch and Tim.

Their first release was in May 2014 after they had built up production facilities in their remote Spanish mountainside location.

They crossed their Triangle Kush with a double-crossing of OG’s (Bear and Karma’s). The resulting plant is a compact, and ‘mini’ OG plant that is auto-flowering and retains the heady highs of its OG lineage.

Strain Appearance

3 Bears OG is a dense plant with broad sugar leaves and multiple thick colas. Shades of purple and black, mint green, and brilliant orange pistils, which are completely covered in sticky, resinous, crystal trichomes.

Strain Flavor

3 Bears OG has an exquisitely funky OG taste, powerful, juicy watermelon, and sour lemon citrus. The contrast of sweet and sour dances with the hints of spice to create a mouth-watering smoke.

Strain Aroma

3 Bears OG has a pungent, fruity aroma, with an earthy undertone. This is complemented by the intense sweet watermelon and sour citrus that emerge and linger in the air.

Strain Cannabinoids

The THC content in 3 Bears OG ranges between 16-24%, whilst there are minimal trace levels of CBD.

Strain Terpenes

Myrcene can be found in lemongrass and thyme, whilst it brings earthy aromas to the strain. It has strong muscle-relaxant capabilities, with strong sedative effects, helping out those with insomnia or other sleeping difficulties.

Caryophyllene brings aromas of cinnamon and cloves, whilst it relieves anxiety and pain and reduces cholesterol. It can aid in the prevention of Osteoporosis, and treating seizures.

Limonene, which has strong citrus aromas of lemons and oranges, whilst providing antibacterial and antimicrobial effects.

It’s known to promote weight loss, prevent and treat cancer, and treat bronchitis. It is also believed to improve serotonin production, improving general mood and state of mind.

Strain Side Effects

Users have reported serious cases of dry mouth with this strain, so it’s important to stay hydrated when you consume it. Dry, red, eyes can feel irritated, so keep them fresh with eye drops, or a splash of cold water or take a walk in some fresh air.

Some users struggled with headaches and dizziness after heavy consumption, so hydration and smoking in moderation might be more sensible the first time you try this strain. T

he heavy sedative effects can last until the morning, some reported feeling dazed and sleepy the morning after consumption.

Bear this in mind if you’re planning on enjoying this late into the night or into the early hours of the morning. Prepare some snacks as a case of the insatiable munchies that are likely to creep up on you and hit hard.

Medical Benefits

Numerous medicinal users noted the power of 3 Bears OG in helping them with insomnia and sleeping difficulties. Its dominant terpenes each bring numerous medicinal benefits to the user.

The strong and heavy sedative effects combine with the deep relaxation one feels when consuming, to take the user into a hazy dream-like state. The strain’s painkilling properties aid those with migraines and other chronic pain or discomfort.

The anti-inflammatory properties reduce the severity of muscle spasms and joint pain can be alleviated.

For those with eating difficulties or loss of appetite, 3 Bear OG will aid in encouraging a reinvigorated appetite, as this strain induces a particularly strong case of the munchies.

The elevated and blissful feelings that rush over after only a few tokes will aid in reducing the effects of depression, stress, and anxiety in its users.

Strain Review

When Goldilocks ventured into the 3 bears’ home, it took trial and error to find the perfect chair to sit in, oatmeal to eat, and bed to sleep in.

Thankfully, when it comes to finding the perfect OG strain, our friends and heroes at Mephisto Genetics have done the hard part for us.

With painstaking precision, patience, and attentive care, 3 Bears OG was created. Its incredibly deep and rich lineage leads it to have a dense, potent, and powerful profile when growing and when smoked.

Its striking colors of purple, black, mint green, and orange are beautifully complimented by an almost unbelievably dense layer of milky white trichomes.

The sugar leaves of this plant are quite the spectacle, with it almost looking like it’s been snowing over the plant. The potent smoking of 3 Bears OG is an awesome experience, with sweet and sour flavors dancing on the tongue with the old-school OG notes.

The sweet stickiness and sour lemon citrus will fill the room on exhalation, it’s a truly engrossing experience.

Its strong terpene profile mixes delicate and robust aromas, with varied and powerful medicinal benefits. As helpful for those with physical discomfort as it is for those with mental blocks or mood disorders.

The strain is particularly effective at aiding those suffering from insomnia and other sleeping difficulties. Its initial buzzing rush will quickly be replaced with heavy eyelids, relaxed muscles, and a willingness to drift off into a deep sleep.

Those struggling with eating difficulties have noted how well this relights the fire in their belly and allows them to eat again, whilst combating nausea one can feel after not eating regularly for some time.

3 Bears OG is a cosmic strain that is loved by recreational and medicinal users alike, guaranteed to release tension in the mind and body.

When you smoke this, your oatmeal will taste just right, your chair will be a comfortable place to relax, and your bed will be a haven to drift off into a hazy sleep.

Strain Grow Info

3 Bears OG can be grown outdoors, though this works best in warm, Mediterranean-like climates. It comes highly recommended growing this strain either indoors or outdoors in a greenhouse.

Green-fingered enthusiasts have advised that using the Sea of Green method will result in the highest quality buds and bigger yields. For those unfamiliar with this method, it is designed to create maximum yield within a limited growing environment.

It is done by growing numerous smaller plants in a compact area, instead of focusing on a few larger plants. The short plant height of 3 Bears OG lends itself incredibly well to this method, with the plants reaching a maximum of 2.5 feet.

As such, they are ideal for growers with small space and limited access to bigger growing setups. Due to the plants being compact, dense, and thick, regular trimming is essential.

Ensure that the plant is trimmed evenly to allow airflow, water, light, and nutrients to reach each flower. 3 Bears OG is a strong, durable plant, that is resilient to disease and pests, though it’s still important to monitor the plant for any signs of disease or infection.

Whilst growing, the dense and pungent aroma gets stronger as the plant approaches the flowering stage, so discretion and airflow management may be essential depending on the size and location of the growing space.

Strain Seeds

You can obtain the seeds from the creators at Mephisto Genetics, though only feminized seeds are available.

Strain Flowering Time

3 Bears OG is an auto-flowering strain that takes 9 to 10 weeks to reach the harvesting stage.

Strain Yield

When growing this strain, users can expect up to a little over 3 ounces per plant. If growing a group together using a method such as Sea of Green, then one might expect a yield of up to 15 ounces per square meter.

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