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Cannabis Daily Record is an independent news and information portal that aims to cover the consumer side of the marijuana and hemp industries in a mature, open-minded way.

The legal cannabis and hemp industries are so new that it can be hard for consumers to understand which products are the safest or the highest quality.

CDR features grower and strain specific flower and product reviews in an effort to help consumers learn about the quality and effects of a product before they buy it. Of course, some aspects of a high are subjective and may vary from person to person, but there are still underlying qualities – like the overall body or head feel – that remain more consistent.

CDR also aims to educate consumers about cannabis and hemp through our “Cannabis 101” section – with features on how to use tinctures, vapes and other items.

We also cover the latest industry news and regulatory changes that may affect consumers.

To get a broader perspective, CDR runs press releases from cannabis companies that may be of interest to readers in our “Wire” section – such as releases on new products or services. These are press releases and not our original content, and may be shared in full on other sites without attribution to CDR.

All other content besides “Wire” is copyrighted by Cannabis Daily Record. If you would like to reuse our copyrighted content, please contact Sue Vorenberg at the email below.

CDR is based in Vancouver, Washington, with a solid focus on the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington – but our goal is to be national in scope. We’re also looking for reviewers in other states and would love to hear from you if you’d like to participate.

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