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WIRE: Platinum launches new cannabis flower, vape and edible line in California

CALIFORNIA Platinum, a prominent Southern California manufacturer of ingestible cannabis products, introduces its vast product line featuring an array of vapes, edibles, jarred flower and pre-rolls. Platinum partners with master farmers throughout California to deliver a range of products using expertly crafted, high potency oil and cannabis product. Platinum has a retail presence in both California and Michigan and is exclusively distributed throughout California by Indus Holdings, the state’s premier cannabis distributor.

Platinum is a family-owned company, created by father and son team, George and Cody Sadler.

Created with the intention of delivering products that are both potent and price-conscious, George and Cody are committed to fortifying Platinum’s position at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Innovation, honesty and responsible growing practices are the driving forces behind Platinum.

“We’re passionate about creating a cannabis company that offers both a high quality product at an attainable price point while remaining socially conscious,” said CEO Cody Sadler. “We hold ourselves and our partners to a high standard and I think that’s evident in each of our products. From the packaging to the flavor, there’s no detail that goes unchecked,” said Cody.

Platinum works with a variety of charities that are close to Cody’s heart, having developed a social equity program titled, REACT. The charities are focused on breast cancer awareness, children’s hospitals, animal rescue organizations, veterans organizations, world hunger relief and suicide prevention. A portion of Platinum’s profits are donated to various charities that work to raise awareness and assist those who are dealing with the immediate ramifications of loss.

“We donate every year to organizations that are really making a difference in people’s lives,” said Cody. “We want our presence to be known not just for our quality products but what we’re doing to help people.  We have a large retail presence in multiple states now and we want our presence to extend outside of the cannabis industry,” said Cody.

That presence can be seen in dozens of dispensaries in Michigan and California, particularly those that have implemented the store-within-a-store concept. While the majority of cannabis companies share dispensary shelf space, Platinum has elevated its retail presence to mimic traditional department stores. Platinum’s store-within-in-a-store includes significant square footage space that is branded specifically to Platinum. Customers can expect to find flat screen TV’s, strategically placed product, wrapped counters and the brand’s signature yellow, orange and turquoise colors adoring each of the brands dispensary stores.

In addition to the California market, Platinum has quickly expanded its reach, including the store-within-a-store concept, to Michigan. Having earned the reputation as Michigan’s #1 vape, Platinum prides itself in using an exclusive terpene separation process using C02. Each vape is pesticide free and uses only high-potency oils harvested from the finest cannabis flowers.

The full Platinum product line is available in participating California dispensaries. Full gram vape cartridges retail for $60 and half gram vape cartridges retail for $35. Vape cartridgess contain 90% THC. Gummy coins and chocolate bars retail for $20 each and are sold exclusively in California. Both gummy coins and chocolate bars contain 20 servings dosed with 5mg of THC for a total of 100mg.

Platinum vape cartridges are available in participating Michigan dispensaries. Full gram vape cartridges retail for $40 and half gram vape cartridges retail for $25. Vape cartridges contain 85% THC.

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