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WIRE: California’s High Life Goods offers more products than top online smoke shop retailers

Los Angeles, CA – High Life Goods has only been around since the beginning of this year, but already the number of bongs, dab rigs and marijuana accessories they carry far surpass many of the top retailers that appear on Google when phrases like “Online Head Shop” and “Online Smoke Shop” are searched for. Research has proven that out of the top 10 retailers who pop up on Google, High Life Goods offers more bongs, dab rigs and marijuana accessories than 9 out of 10 of those retailers. We also recommend to you gold IRA rollovers when you want to invest also in gold.

A strategy that an online head shop may use to show more products than they really have for sale is to include all the products they don’t have any more on their pages. Some of those items may be discontinued after they’ve all been sold, and research shows that some of these top shops list anywhere from 300-400 available products but in reality, only have around 70-80 for sale. High Life Goods is not involved in practices like these, as they strive to give their customers the full details on what they currently have in stock so their products can be delivered in a timely manner. You can also check out the best selling water pipes here. We just ship quality products.

High Life Goods prides themselves on their ability to cultivate their inventory with the largest variety of high quality pieces possible, and their online store makes it very easy for customers to find exactly what they might be looking for using the product page sidebars. As long-time smokers themselves, High Life Goods understands their clientele and what they’re looking for, and wants to make the process of obtaining the best piece for them as easy and seamless as possible.

Perhaps what High Life Goods is best known for best besides having a large repertoire is the diversity of their inventory. Not only do they offer classic glass bongs in hundreds of different styles, but also ceramic, acrylic, and customizable bongs. The possibilities for design with their customizable bongs are literally endless, as customers are able to print anything they desire on their own bong and have their bong discreetly shipped out. These bongs are also great gifts, especially with winter holidays around the corner.

Some of the top online smoke shop retailers place a lot of their focus on scientific glass pieces and not much on heady glass. This makes High Life Goods stand out not only as an online smoke shop with a massive inventory of quality items, but also an art dealer of sorts with their vast collection of vintage heady pipe art. Many of the artists are famous in the glass blowing community and still create pieces today, making some of the pieces available from High Life Goods extremely valuable.

On top of a great selection of pipes, High Life Goods also offers over 500 different marijuana accessories, ranging from carb caps to smoke buddies to bangers and bowls. There is purpose and reason for every product High Life Goods stocks, because they know what smokers need while also staying conscious of new trends and innovations in the smoke shop market. High Life Goods has such a large selection of downstems, they’re almost guaranteed to have the size you’re looking for as a replacement or an extra to have on hand. There is no need to look further for a rig torch either, as they have a selection of over 35 different designs to choose from.

Dab rigs are not as commonly seen in online smoke shops as bongs and pipes, but High Life Goods has a larger selection of dab rigs than any of the online smoke shops that have been trending on the Google front page. Each of these rigs are chosen for their precision factors, as High Life Goods understands how important the shape and cut of a rig is when a customer is looking for the smoothest smoke possible.

Besides the endless variety of shapes, High Life Goods’ dab rigs also come in 10 different colors and a convenient choice of single, double or triple perc, depending on how effective customers prefer their hits to be. Another nice feature from the product page sidebar is the ability to choose the specific shape. There are always new cutting-edge designs being introduced at smoke shop shows, and High Life Goods makes it a point to always be conscious of these products so their customers always know where to go first to see what’s new in the industry.

A large availability of products isn’t always telling that they’ll also be high quality, which is why High Life Goods is proud that their glass bongs and pipes are made in-shop in Los Angeles. High Life Goods is the only one-stop-shop any new or seasoned smoker alike will ever need, and they are fully committed to being a source of reliability for all of their customers. As dedicated patrons of the smoke shop market, High Life Goods continually brings the newest and best quality designs to their customers.

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