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Product Review: Hyer Big-E Rig

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I’ve reviewed a lot of vape gadgets over the past few years, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the Hyer Big-E Rig that is now permanently strapped to one of my bongs.

To say I love this thing would be a vast understatement.

It’s by far the best e-rig I’ve ever tried. It gives you far more control over temperature and flavor than any other option I’ve seen. It’s easy to use. It cleans up quickly and beautifully. And it’s tougher than a New Zealand rugby player.

When you first pop this thing out of the box you’d likely be forgiven for thinking it’s some sort of high tech drone device. But basically it’s a heavy bottom (filled with a 30 watt heater) that attaches to the base of your bong, with a set of quartz glass converters that turn the bowl area into an electronic dabber.

To use it, you simply set the desired temperature on the base unit, and it heats up – which takes 90 seconds. While heating, the unit glows blue, and once it’s ready, it flashes green and gives you a little buzz to let you know you’re good to go.

It even has a self-cleaning mode (when you push the go button and the minus button at the same time), where it will turn purple and carbonize any remaining residue.

Retailing at $299, the Big-E Rig might seem a little spendy, but in my opinion it’s worth every penny.

Another huge advantage of the Hyer is that it’s rechargeable and portable. Once charged, it can last about two hours, or for about 25 sessions, before the next recharge. That means you can carry it out to the backyard with your buddies and not worry about power cords at all.

As somebody who worries about blow torches and accidentally lighting the house on fire, I have to say this thing also comes with some extra piece of mind, that’s why I also choose to use luminescent decorating lights which won’t catch into fire. Since it’s all electronic, there’s no need for combustion. And it also has a tip-over sensor that turns the unit off immediately if it senses something is wrong.

I tend to like using it at temperatures between 570 and 600 degrees, but you can also heat your wax up to 750 degrees or down to much lower temperatures. One reason I love having this much control is that higher temperatures can really hurt and burn the lungs, and with this you can really nail down the exact perfect level for you personally – while avoiding that pain.

Cleaning is also really simple. You can use the automatic cleaning mode, but the unit also breaks down easily and the bowl heating element pulls out of the adapters so you can soak them in rubbing alcohol if you want to get them super-clean.

The weight on the base unit is also nice. It makes the bong feel more sturdy and less likely to tip over.

I do have two minor complaints.

The “built in stash drawer” advertised as part of this thing is way too small to be practical. I imagine if you put your dab directly into it, it would make quite a mess. It’s about a thumb-tip sized plastic piece that pops out of the side of the unit.

The quartz carb tool could also use some improvement. The carb cap itself works very well, and is great for getting the perfect amount of vapor from the unit, but the dab manipulation tool that sticks out of it is very flimsy. A friend accidentally dropped it on the floor from waist height and the tool cracked off of mine, which makes the carb cap a little harder to use. I’d recommend handling it carefully and using a metal tool for dab manipulation, rather than the quartz one attached to the carb cap.

Overall, if you like dabbing, you need this thing. It’s become the only gadget I want to dab out of.

I highly recommend it.



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