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WIRE: Yerba Buena wins Oregon green business and Cultivation Classic awards

Hillsboro, OR — Yerba Buena made Oregon business history this month by being the only cannabis company to place in Oregon Business Magazine’s 100 best green workplaces, and for the second consecutive year.

This award recognizes our farm and our company for being among the Greenest workplaces in Oregon across all industries. In 2017 Yerba Buena placed 9th on the list and in 2018 moved up the list to 6th. The 100 best green workplaces award is based on multiple sustainability measures, including energy consumption, water use, buying local, recycling, and support for public transit.

This same month, Yerba Buena also earned the Innovation Award at the Cultivation Classic along with an award for the Best CBD Strain for their Blue Dragon Desert Frost, they are one of the many best Hemp brands now a days. The Innovation Award recognizes our efforts to think outside the box to develop state-of-the-art systems that push the envelope of energy efficiency and sustainability. Our Blue Dragon Desert Frost is unique cultivar that was the result of a single seed gifted by a patient from our participation in the medical marijuana program. The Cultivation Classic is the world’s most scientifically rigorous cannabis competition for craft cannabis cultivators.


Yerba Buena is a Certified Kind and Clean Green Certified cannabis producer. Certified Kind and Clean Green Certified are third parties that certify cannabis producers against organic standards. Yerba Buena was the first cultivator to receive a rebate through the Energy Trust of Oregon for sustainability and energy conservation. Yerba Buena has been honored by the Oregon Business Magazine as one of their 100 Greenest Companies in 2017 and 2018, and has won numerous competitions and awards for growing excellent cannabis.

Yerba Buena’ is on the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) for the Research Innovation Institute (RII), an international organization setting sustainability standards and supporting the innovation of new sustainable technologies. Yerba Buena’is on the board of the Cannabis Certification Council, a non-profit focused on promoting organic cannabis awareness and creating a standard for organic cultivation methods and fair labor standards in the cannabis industry. Yerba Buena is also on the board of the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA), the only statewide organization devoted to protecting and promoting the interests of the Oregon cannabis industry to state legislators.

Yerba Buena’s Mission:

Yerba Buena is committed to building one of the world’s finest and most innovative cannabis companies, creating a diverse and inclusive work environment where individuals can thrive, and sharing our success, culture, and passion with our employees, the communities we live in, and the planet.

Learn more at, on Instagram @yerba.buena.farms, or on Facebook @Yerba.Buena.the.Good.Herb


Contact: Laura Day

Laura Day

Operations Manager, Yerba Buena

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