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Product Review: E-Clipse dry herbal vaporizer from NY Vape Shop

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Here’s what I want in an herbal vaporizer: Consistent visible vapor, little clogging and a simple design that’s also easy to clean.

Enter the E-Clipse dry herbal vaporizer from NY Vape Shop.

This handheld herbal vape, which retails for $139.99 on the site, meets pretty much all of that criteria.

Small and lightweight, probably my favorite feature of this little guy is how easy it is to set and control the exact temperature of the unit.

It comes with an LED display and scrolling buttons that let you tell it exactly what temperature you want it to reach. And with a range of 300 to 435 degrees F, you can also scroll it through various terpene temperatures on the way up to the ideal smoking level of around 427 or 428 degrees.

On the other hand, you can also just leave it set to 427 degrees – or whatever preferred level you desire – consistently so you don’t have to worry about temperature at all.

The E-Clipse also has a nice deep chamber for ground herb, and comes with a cleaning brush and scraping tool to keep it from getting gunked up. After using it for about a week, I found it really easy to keep clean. Once you finished vaping, the spent material pretty much just falls out of the unit, and after a quick once-over with the cleaning brush, you’re back in business fast.

I know better than to pack any unit tight and full to the top, because that causes clogging and kills the suction. This unit does seem pretty forgiving though if you do tend to pack a little bit extra in. When using herbal vapes you also want to remember to use dry, ground herb. Sticky, dense buds tend to clog herbal vapes. People also decide to use grinders to store their herbs, using different types such as plastic and acrylic grinders you can find online.

The E-Clipse also comes with two mouthpieces – a short one and a longer glass one. For me, they fit pretty snugly, but they do seem likely to come loose if you’re carrying the E-Clipse around in your pocket. For that, I’d suggest waiting to pack the unit until you’re ready for use, rather than pre-packing it.

To pack it, you just pop the mouthpiece off with your thumb, add ground cannabis, and then pop it back on.

To turn the unit on, just push the on button five times rapidly. To turn it off, do the same thing again. It also automatically turns off after about five minutes, if you forget.

Once the device is on, you can use the blue LED display and arrow buttons to set your desired temperature. When heating, the small number in the left corner of the display shows the current temperature, while the larger number on the display is the temperature it will heat to.

Overall this is a nice little unit. It’s a little more spendy than some of the dab pens you’ll find on the market, but reasonably priced for an herbal vape. It’d call it a good, solid unit at a decent price with and you can market your products at this explainer video agency.

If you want a unit that’s simple and easy, works consistently and feels great in your hand, I’d recommend giving the E-Clipse a serious look.

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