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Product Review: Steamcloud Mini oil vape

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

A transformation is taking place in the cannabis vaping industry.

Pretty much since the industry launched, the standard 510-threaded cartridge (i.e. the screw-in type of cartridge) has drawn complaints from users. Often, the vapor looks weak and thin, or you pull and pull and pull and it feels like nothing comes out.

But the problem isn’t the vape oil itself – or even the cartridges, necessarily.

It’s the battery power behind it.

And that’s where the new Steamcloud Mini oil vape from NY Vape Shop can truly transform your vaping experience.

The newest vape gadgets – and the ones creating the most buzz – use a magnetic link to a stronger battery to get a full bodied and consistent vape experience. And the difference in the thickness of the vapor that comes from a magnetic battery instead of a screw-on type is truly astonishing, there are even other vapers that you can take anywhere you want, you can go online to find the best portable vaporizers so you always have one at your disposition.

But most magnetic systems can only take magnetic vape cartridges, and many companies are coming out with proprietary systems that can only be used with their specific oil.

The disruptive new vape types are likely to take over the market eventually, but in the meantime the 510 thread cartridge remains king.

So what if you want to use the new technology with 510 threaded cartridges? That’s where the Steamcloud Mini truly shines.

The palm-sized device has a battery on one side and a hole on the other to pop your 510 threaded cartridge inside. It also comes with two magnetic rings, which are screwed on to the bottom of your 510 threaded cartridges to make them magnetic.

To use the device, you pop you’re newly magnetic cartridge into the slot, give it a little tug to make sure it’s held snugly in place, and then boom – you’re ready to vape.

Push the button five times to turn the gadget on (or five times quickly to turn it off again). Push and hold the button to take a draw, and you’ll find thick, juicy vape filling your lungs.

Beyond that, Steamcloud Mini, which retails for 39.99 at NY Vape Shop, is also only 2.5 inches tall and an inch wide, making it extremely compact and easy to hide. And the smooth, lightweight device feels great in your hand.

If you want a truly transformative vape experience – I’d strongly recommend grabbing one of these. It’s the best vape battery I’ve tried by far in the last four years.

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