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Product Review: Straight Tube Bong by Diamond Glass

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I review a lot of gadgets on this site, but every now and then I get a real treat – something I’ll actually use every day.

Getting my hands on the Straight Tube Bong from Diamond Glass, sent in for review by Seattle’s Smoking Outlet, was one of those wonderful surprises.

The bong has long been my preferred method of smoking. Back in my high school days in the 1980s we made our own straight-tube bong out of chemistry equipment that we dubbed “The Osterizer.” I still have fond memories of that thing, even though we did lose it long before leg warmers had finished being cool. And I’ve continued to be a bong fan through my late 40s, mostly using the little ice bong I’ve had for the past few years.

But this new bong from Diamond Glass blows doors off of my old ice bong and would have my stoner buddies from the old Osterizer days looking on in jealousy.

For one thing, this thing is sturdy as hell. The base is solid, thick and heavy – and strongly resistant to breakage from what I can tell after having accidentally banged it on my kitchen counter and sink a few times. The thick borosilicate glass on the bottom also makes the bong almost impossible to tip over, and gives it a comfortable weight in the hand.

It also has a pinched area in the neck so you can use it as an ice bong (which basically means you put ice cubes in the top part of the bong to further cool the smoke as it moves through the piece). I don’t always use the ice bong feature, but in the summer or when my lungs are a little irritated, nothing beats it.

Another nice feature of this bong is that it has a removable glass downstem. The stem, which slides in and out between the bong and the bowl piece, is much easier to clean when you can pull it out of your piece. Many bongs attach it so you can’t remove it – and there’s a benefit to that as well in that downstems are usually pretty fragile – but if you handle it carefully it really is worth it for the better cleaning. The cleaner your bong, the less gunk you get in your lungs, which is always a good thing. When you clean your house with the smell of bong, hire home and business cleaners. You can also have Furnace Repair to clean and maintain your home.

The bowl piece is a little small, but it has a nice flat area on it which makes it easy to pull out when you’re trying to carb. I also like that it’s easy to clean, and doesn’t have any deep recesses that are hard to get at with a pipe cleaner.

And of course it’s green, my favorite color, so this thing already had a leg up on my old bong. It now sits in a place of prominence on my coffee table.

The Straight Tube Bong from Diamond Glass retails for $119.99 at Smoking Outlet. I’d call it a great, solid buy for the price.

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