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Product Review: The Weekend Box CBD

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Curated boxes are a rising phenomenon in the weed world. And in legal recreational states, some companies have options that let you try a wide range of cannabis flower, oils, edibles and topical creams, and for the people that raise their own plants, they could use marijuana fertilizer to make the plants strong and productive.

But what if you don’t live in a legal rec state – or what if you don’t want a THC high but you still want some cannabis-related goodies to help you relax?

Enter The Weekend Box CBD. Made by a Nevada company that also makes recreational cannabis boxes, the $99 a month CBD box is aimed at spreading the muscle soothing and relaxing properties of cannabidiol to the masses – all across the country.

I got the January version for review – and the array of products included was fantastic.

First up, the Select CBD peppermint flavored “Focus” pen. It’s a great all-in-one battery-included pen that really hits easy on the lungs. The peppermint feels nice even when you’re a bit sick with a winter cold – it makes breathing feel crisp and clear. It also soothes the muscles once the CBD vapor kicks in.

Another favorite in this batch was the Bella Crema Elegante Body Whip. It softens the skin and with the use of products from it makes it healthier, soothes sore muscles and also helps irritated areas and small wounds heal. When I got the box, I was dealing with some friction burns on my torso. I used the cream on them daily and they healed significantly in about a week. It’s gentle enough to use on very irritated skin, and soothing enough to take away the burning and itching that sometimes comes with that.

It took me a while to try the Bella You’re The Bomb Bath Bomb – mostly because I’m a lousy housekeeper and was too lazy to clean my tub (I’m usually a shower kinda gal). But I got motivated after a snowstorm trapped me in the house for a weekend, and finally gave it a try.

The Bath Bomb is excellent. Soaking in a tub with it for about 20 minutes left my extremely dry skin feeling silky soft and smooth. And the CBD soak melts stress and pain away with a vengeance. That said, I’d advice using the Bath Bomb right before bed. After using it, I lay down for what I though would be a half-hour nap, and I woke up five hours later!

The bath salts are also very nice for a soothing CBD soak. And they don’t knock you out nearly as much. I love that the kit gives you a few options for the bath and for skin care.

On the edibles side, the box came with one bag of Caviar Gold Cavi Tea, which is a THC-free blend of Gotu Cola and CBD, two boxes of Glace Chocolate Bonbons, which are wonderfully not sugary (it tastes like dark chocolate) and filled with a soft creamy center. Each bonbon contains 30 milligrams of THC.

My box also came with a small container of CBD lip moisturizer – also a nice surprise for the winter months.

Looking at the February box on the company’s site, I see the curated mix for the month has changed some – with CBD syrup, candles and tincture among the offerings.

I love the idea of curated boxes. You get to try a lot of new products for a reasonable price. The box costs $99 but includes items worth $274.

Something like this would be a great addition to a weekend getaway, no matter where you are in the country. Just bring your box and significant other to a nice hotel on the beach, relax and enjoy!



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