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Product Review: Honey Pot bong from Empire Glassworks

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I don’t generally get a lot of glass in for review – usually it’s more a mix of strange and/or cool electronic gadgets that do all manner of weed heating, smoking and vaping.

So when Kannakart offered to send me a glass bong for review, I was a bit surprised, but definitely up for some old school paraphernalia.

They sent me what I’m calling “the Honey Pot bong” – which is a fun, intricately crafted water-pipe like gadget that fits in your hand.

It’s a beautiful pipe. The glass detail is wonderful. There are little bees in the dripping honey design, and other details seem to pop up every time you look at the thing.

It smokes well – although lighting the pipe gets the flame a bit too close to my hair for my liking. It’s also easy to clean and looks lovely on my coffee table.

Oddly enough, though, the Honey Pot bong is not available for sale on the Kannakart website, which makes doing a review of the item a little odd.

When I asked about that, they sent me to the page of the artist who did the work, Empire Glassworks.

I have to say there is some cool glass on the page, but nothing as cool as the Honey Pot bong.

Surfing through the Kannakart site also turned up some decent deals on nice looking glass. For instance, the glass hand pipe section has some cool offers ranging between $16 and $60.

I also found some good deals on more generic looking bongs for folks looking to save some money.

Overall, what they sent me is a very nice solid piece of glasswork. If it’s an indication of the quality on the rest of the site, then I’d recommend giving them a look for your holiday shopping.


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