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Product Review: Boost Black eRig from Dr. Dabber

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

When it comes to electronic dab rigs – and I’ve tried several of them – there really are just two categories: The Boost from Dr. Dabber, and everything else.

Last year I reviewed the original Boost eRig, which was a fantastic gadget that taught me to truly appreciate the flavor, potency and ritual feeling of dabbing.

The new version, Boost Black, is even better – and actually less expensive than its predecessor at $159.95. And if you’re reading this review over Labor Day Weekend – the Boost Black is actually on sale right now for $119.95.

So what’s so cool about this thing?

First off, it replicates everything about the traditional blow torch and glass method of smoking dabs – but without the dangers of using the blow torch. Instead it electronically heats a somewhat traditional-looking set of dab nails to a variety of temperature settings.

What’s even better about the Boost Black, though, is that the nails are wider and can hold more wax than the original version. That’s especially nice for me, because I had a tendency to put too much wax in my old Boost, which sometimes bubbled up and gummed up the system. I haven’t had that problem once after about a month of using the Boost Black.

The Boost Black comes with three different nail types: The standard titanium nail – which is sort of the workhorse of the dabbing world (fast-heating, heat-retaining, durable, consistent, not particularly flashy); a quartz nail (fast-heating, not so great at heat retention, wax tastes cleaner and more terpy, sometimes prone to cracking); and a ceramic nail (slow heating, good heat retention, better wax flavor, more terpy and also sometimes prone to cracking).

It also has different heat settings for the various nails. The titanium nail works just like it did with the original Boost. You push the button three times and wait until it turns from white to blue before putting your dab in. If the heat level isn’t strong enough, you can push the button three more times to get it to 520 degrees F, and another three button pushes will get it to 600 degrees F.

Dr. Dabber also warns against using the Boost Black for more than three heating cycles in a row – because it can damage the unit.

The other two nails – ceramic and quartz – require five button pushes and a wait for the light to turn from blue to white (a reverse of the titanium three-button sequence). That cycle can also be repeated to increase the heat to 520 degrees and then 600 degrees.

The unit also does pretty well with battery charges. The company says you can get 30-40 uses per charge, although for me it’s been more like 20-25 uses. But as cannabis electronic gadgets go, it charges pretty quickly. Mine takes about two hours.

Much of the design is the same as the old Boost I still know and love, too. The glass water attachment lets you bubble the smoke through a small about of water to cool it down. The magnetic carb cap and dab tool funnel the smoke, are easy to clean and the magnetic properties make them hard for even an addled 47-year-old like myself to lose.

The water attachment is a bit harder to clean. If you put 99 percent rubbing alcohol in it with a little salt, cover the mouth hole and the hole that leads to the nail, and shake the whole thing several times, it should get some of the gunk out. Blowing through the mouthpiece with the attachment over the sink will force the alcohol – and water you wash it with afterwards – out of the piece, too.

Even the box is nicer in the new improved and less expensive Boost Black. It’s a sturdy, wooden, hinged black box with everything you need to get started but the actual wax. It includes a few wax carrying containers and a keychain, as well.

Not to mention this weekend sale for about $120 makes the unit less expensive than many normal vape pens. If I didn’t have one, I’d jump on that deal faster than a stoner with a gram of blue dream wax in her hand!

Go get one. You won’t be disappointed.



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