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WIRE: Two young entrepreneurs track millions of dollars of marijuana

LOS ANGELES — Christopher Dell‘Olio is the co-founder and CEO of PyroTree Inc., a software company with a special interest in the cannabis industry.

Christopher Dell’Olio – CEO (on left), Hilart Abrahamian – COO (on right) (PRNewsfoto/WebJoint)

While at a very young age, he was not only passionate about technology but innovative in his approach to identify lucrative opportunities for business; the cannabis industry became the perfect target. At the age of 19, Dell’Olio linked up with a former classmate, Hilart Abrahamian, and started from their bedrooms in Palmdale, California.

The company has risen to become a leading provider of cannabis compliance/seed-to-sale tracking software with its headquarters in West Los Angeles, California. Over 150 retail dispensaries and delivery services use WebJoint software to manage their entire business operations. Along with their retail software, WebJoint looks to launch a cultivation platform at the beginning of 2018 that will allow cultivators to track their entire grow. The WebJoint software is gaining momentum as “track and trace” is becoming a requirement in states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. By any conventional measure of success, Dell’Olio & Abrahamian are some pretty successful guys with humble beginnings.

You can trace their success back to 2014, when the duo went into business and started a general web development and marketing firm. During this time, they built a website for one of the largest dispensaries in Southern California; it was then that they realized there was a huge void in the industry that needed to be filled. After that light bulb went off, the two entrepreneurs geared their focus to marijuana businesses only and began providing website design services for a wide array of dispensaries and delivery services in California. From this point, their obsession with the industry grew and the opportunities seemed endless.

Fast forward a few months, and they were deep in the industry, working with dozens of dispensaries and delivery businesses. These businesses gave them an insight into what the industry needed. Every business was managing their operations with pen and paper; no software existed to streamline this process. Just like that, they identified their next opportunity. This is how the billion-dollar idea was born, and this is the beginning of how two 22-year-olds began tracking millions of dollars of cannabis for hundreds of businesses in the industry.

Dell’Olio has always had a restless work ethic, and he’s just getting started. He envisioned this software in 2014, when the cannabis industry was young and no one realized that there would be a need for something like this. He has made a name for himself by taking an existing technology, adapting it to the cannabis industry market, and then dominating the market through innovation. He attributes his success to positive thinking as he visualizes being and having what he wants in life. “Negative mindset produces negative results, every time” –best advice he has ever gotten.

Abrahamian also shares the same entrepreneurial mindset and the “give-it-your-all” mentality. As COO of PyroTree Inc., he aided Dell’Olio’s vision and helped him bring it to life. Today, he manages the day-to-day operations of the business and continues to spearhead its growth. He holds himself accountable for the happiness of their current customers, and for the customers yet to come. Through constant input and reiteration, WebJoint continues to grow with new customer-requested features every month. Today, WebJoint software has grown to so much and is not slowing down anytime soon.

WebJoint is now positioned as the all-in-one cannabis business software. Before, everything was done manually on pen and paper. Now, cannabis business owners can utilize WebJoint to manage their patients, finances, employees, inventory, website, and more. Businesses in the marijuana industry can also use the software to market themselves and gain exposure online. Some businesses are even utilizing WebJoint to build a cannabis-friendly website and set themselves up for online sales.

The laws are changing as the cannabis industry heads towards legalization. Business in recreational states such as Colorado and Oregon are now required to use a software like WebJoint to track their operations. California is next on that list and is requiring cannabis seed-to-sale software by 2018.

Dozens of startups are committed to finding ways to use technology to improve mundane tasks like human resources, inventory management, delivery management, regulatory compliance, insurance and mobile payments. Start-ups like Eaze, an on-demand delivery, and telemedicine app, also dubbed as “Uber of marijuana” is one such company that foresaw faster delivery of medical cannabis to be a critical opportunity for growth.

Cannabis is soon to be seen as the top focal point for anyone developing a business in the agricultural technology world. The industry is allowing entrepreneurs like Dell’Olio and Abrahamian to start successful businesses from nothing, without even having to touch the plant at any point of the process. The marijuana industry’s needs for data tracking to optimize plant growth, its retail process as well as its growing market potential, make it ideal for tech partnerships.

To effectively manage the unique demands of the rapidly growing cannabis industry, there is a need for more entrepreneurs to explore ways to innovate and develop true enterprise solutions that contribute to the efficient management of the sector.

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