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WIRE: Zoots launches wellness line in Washington state

SEATTLE – Washington’s first established cannabis edibles brand, Zoots, has released its new Wellness Line of CBD+THC infused lozenges, chews, drink additives and a high-THC drink additive.

The Wellness Line joins Zoots’ suite of recreational products and adheres to Washington’s medical marijuana law permitting products which may be beneficial for medical use. The line is now shipping to licensed retailers across the state.

Consistent with the quality and reliability consumers have come to trust of Zoots, the Wellness Line is made using Zoots’ proprietary THC Cypress Extract™ and is Washington’s first full line of marijuana edibles compliant with the state’s Department of Health (DOH) standards for higher quality cannabis products. The new line includes:

o   ZootRocks CBD+THC Blends – DOH General UseCompliant lozenges available in these flavor and CBD:THC varieties:

o   ZootBerry CBD 1:2 – Berry flavored lozenges that contain 2.5mg CBD/5mg THC each lozenge; the full package contains 37.5mg total of CBD+THC.

o   Tart Green Apple CBD 1:1 – Tart apple flavored lozenges that contain 5mg CBD/5mg THC each lozenge; the full package contains 50mg total of CBD+THC.

o   Cinnamon CBD 2:1– Cinnamon flavored lozenges that contain 10mg CBD/5mg THC each lozenge; the full package contains 75mg total of CBD+THC.

o   ZootRocks CBD Variety Pack – Contains five lozenges of each flavor blend; the full package contains 162.5mg total of CBD+THC.

o   Lemongrass CBD 20:1 ZootRocks – DOH High CBD Compliant lozenges in lemongrass flavor that contain 20mg CBD/1mg THC each lozenge; the full package contains 210mg total of CBD+THC.

o   Peach CBD 1:1 ZootChews – DOH General Use Compliant chews in peach flavor that contain 5mg CBD/5mg THC each chew; the full package contains 120mg CBD+THC.

o   CBD 2:1 ZootDrops – DOH General Use Compliant drink additive in the popular Relaxation Blend of ZootDrops that contains 300mg total CBD+THC each bottle.

o   High Strength ZootDrops – DOH High THC Compliant drink additive in the popular Relaxation Blend of ZootDrops that contains 500mg THC each bottle.

“There was a real need in Washington for high quality products that allow each person to discover the best blend of CBD and THC for them,” said Patrick Devlin, Zootologist and co-founder of the brand. “The Wellness Line gives consumers more choices and the DOH seal of compliance is an assurance of their superior value.”

Under the state’s medical marijuana law, the Cannabis Patient Protection Act, the DOH administers a voluntary program that establishes more stringent product testing for prohibited pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. Products that meet these guidelines display the DOH compliant seal for easy identification and are organized into three distinct categories: General Use Compliant, High CBD Compliant and High THC Compliant. Only Washington residents with a Medical Marijuana Authorization card are permitted to purchase High THC Compliant products, while adults aged 21 years or older may purchase General Use Compliant and High CBD Compliant products.

“The DOH program is not intended to simply add more rules, but rather, it builds a standard for excellence that empowers consumers to purchase premium products,” said Devlin. “We’re proud to have the DOH seal on all Wellness Line products and believe more brands should consider the program.”

Throughout 2017, Zoots plans to further expand distribution, including its Wellness Line, to states that have passed cannabis regulations.

About Zoots

Zoots Premium Cannabis Infusions™ are available from licensed marijuana retailers in Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts. Founded by brothers Dan, Michael and Patrick Devlin in Seattle, Washington, Zoots products feature the company’s proprietary Cypress Extract™ blended with other premium and natural ingredients to deliver a consistent, safe and pleasantly elevated experience. In Washington, Zoots are produced by Seattle-based Db3 Incorporated—the first company in the state to be granted a cannabis producer and processor license to manufacture cannabis infused edible products. For more information about the Zoots brand and products, visit

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