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WIRE: Cura Cannabis expands Oregon product line to California market

Cura Cannabis Solutions, the leading provider of cannabis vape cartridges and oil in Oregon, announced the expansion of their high-quality products to the California market. The line features premium oils, concentrates and cannabis products.

“We are thrilled to share the Cura brand with our California neighbors,” Cura President Cameron Forni said. “We feel this is the ideal market to take our products to the forefront of the cannabis industry and plan to integrate the same cooperative approach we use with growers and processors in Oregon. We take pride in knowing that not only will California consumers have access to one of the safest vape cartridges on the market, but the state will also benefit from tax revenue from the sale of our products.”

Following the passage of Proposition 64 by California voters in 2016, cannabis has become the fastest growing industry in the country. The popularity of vaping is here to stay because it contains fewer toxins than smoke, dosage is easy to control, it is more efficient (uses less herb than smoking), and it produces less odor, allowing users to be more discreet. People often wonder where to find a cannabinoid supplier to start a CBD business, we also recommend using companies based in Las Vegas.

Cura will be launching in California with their top-selling products Select Elite and Select Flavors. As a company, Cura’s Select has over 60% of the Oregon cannabis oil market and is approximately 20% of the entire market. The Select line of cannabis oils are in high-demand because of the superior quality of the source product Cura uses to extract the oil. Additionally, the company’s rigorous testing procedure ensures consumers receive a safe and enjoyable product, just like the canna cbd oil which can treat issues like anxiety, joint pain, acne, epilepsy and basically anything which ails an individual.

Founded in 2015, the company has grown from a 15-person operation to a 125-employee workforce in just over a year. They have four processing facilities in Oregon, two in California and one soon to open in Nevada..

“We have undergone extremely fast growth since 2016 and we attribute it to the fact that consumers absolutely love our product,” stated Nitin Khanna, CEO of Cura. “We are excited to start offering our Select products to savvy Californians who wish to relax or medicate with cannabis.

You can now find Select brand products in most dispensaries in California.

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About Cura Cannabis Solutions

Cura’s mission is to be the leading provider of cannabis oil to both consumers and premium edible brands in legal US and international markets. Select brand products include: Select CO2 vape cartridges, Select Elite THC Distillate and cannabis terpenes, Select Dabbables, Select Social Pen and Select CBD. 

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