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WIRE: FUGU breaks ground on new cannabis farm in Eagle Creek, Oregon

PORTLAND, OR – FUGU, Inc. will soon break ground on a state-of-the-art cannabis farm in Eagle Creek, Oregon.

“It’s a different approach. We said, ‘Let’s start with a clean sheet of paper,'” said Grant Chaput, Vice President and General Counsel. “We designed the farm from scratch to optimize production and quality while minimizing overhead, all in compliance with Oregon’s laws and regulations.”

Oregon allows a maximum indoor recreational cannabis grow of just 10,000 square feet – one third the size allowed in neighboring Washington state. That is why FUGU is making maximum use out of every square inch of allowable space.

The FUGU Farm’s augmented greenhouse system pairs the efficiency of natural sunlight with an automated, climate controlled, cleanroom-like growing environment. Flowering plants benefit from a light deprivation system featuring controlled blackout curtains and supplemental high intensity lights programmed for optimal flowering conditions.

The farm’s design and location allow FUGU to produce top quality cannabis at a significantly lower operating cost than a typical indoor warehouse grow.

“Real estate and energy are major drivers of operating cost for indoor farms,” said Larry Cornell, FUGU’s President and CEO. “Instead of leasing urban indoor space, our farm sits on inexpensive farmland. It’s at least 50% more energy efficient than a converted warehouse. Water and fertilizer are recycled, and automation saves on labor cost.”

FUGU’s branded products will meet the needs of retailers with consistent year-round supply, consistent quality, and “Grow to Book” sales support allowing retailers to place advanced orders for exactly the products their customers desire when they need them.

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Scott Gallagher
Public Relations Counsel

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