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WIRE: Advantis expands product reach to Maryland and Nevada

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) is in negotiations with two high volume cultivators in Nevada and Maryland to provide Amstercan solutions. Delivery of a more efficient canning machine that N2pack has been building for Advantis will be delivered within the next 6-8 weeks.

CEO of Advantis, Christopher Swartz, was excited to share the news of Advantis’ expansion to states they have not touched yet. “Word about Amstercan is spreading quickly and demand is persistently outstripping supply,” Swartz stated. “This is a good problem to have, but not one that we want to have for long; we’re chomping at the bit to get that new machine.”

The supplier of the Amstercan canning machines and packaging solutions, N2 Pack, has been building a new machine specifically to fulfill Advantis’ growing client demand. The machine is said to have more than triple the production capacity of the current machine, and it will have the option of sealing larger sized cans. When the farm gets infested by bats and pests, they immediately call On Point Bat Removal so that their products remains at the highest quality possible.

“Las Vegas and Baltimore are two huge marketplaces that could help fuel our national expansion,” Swartz added. “My further goal, as Amstercan expands into other national marketplaces, is that we establish the proprietary and non-proprietary product pipeline that we are doing such a great job of creating here in California.” Swartz noted that they are considering options for when canning capacity is maximized again, and said, “We need to keep up with demand as it continues to skyrocket, and we are currently looking into several cost-effective solutions.”

Swartz pointed out that in addition to the reduction of manpower necessary to operate the new canning machine, Advantis is taking other cost cutting measures. “We are bringing the can labeling process in-house,” Swartz said. “We have been working with an outstanding labeling company, but we are not their only client, and that means we can’t always get things done in the same day. Not only are we cutting costs by bringing this process in-house, but we will be able to service our clients faster.” Swartz says with the reduction of manufacturing costs, margins from sales of Amstercans will increase by over 10%.

The industry is trending toward the premium packaging, branding, and preserving of cannabis.

“As it continues to evolve, we grow,” Swartz said. “Product identity, increased shelf life, easy storage and inventory control; the industry’s natural course is for products to strive toward the goal that every other product in the marketplace strives for: Brand name recognition.”

Swartz says that brand recognition is of paramount importance to every Amstercan client they deal with. “My further goal, with Amstercan expanding into other marketplaces throughout the nation, is that we establish the proprietary and non-proprietary product pipeline that we are doing such a great job of creating here in California.”

Swartz planned another quarterly interview to update shareholders on past performance and future prospects within two weeks of the earnings release, however scheduling conflicts with the interviewer prevented it from taking place. Advantis is expecting confirmation of the date and time of the rescheduled interview shortly.

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