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WIRE: ForwardGro gets first medical cannabis growing license in Maryland

Baltimore, MD – The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (“MMCC”) announced today that ForwardGro is the first company to receive licensure as a medical cannabis growing facility, located in Anne Arundel County.

Dr. Paul W. Davies, Chairman of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission stated, “This is an exciting moment and the milestone the Commission has been diligently working toward. This represents the beginning of helping suffering patients get the care they so desperately need.”

Executive Director Patrick Jameson stated, “A new industry in Maryland has been officially launched and ForwardGro may commence operations. Medical Cannabis production will change the face of Maryland and will have a profound economic and health impact on the entire region.”

After careful review and consideration of the documentation submitted by the MMCC Bureau of Enforcement and Compliance, the Commission voted to take the following action during its meeting: 1) The Grower Application and pre-approval of ForwardGro be converted to the issuance of a Grower License. This recommendation follows the completion of a satisfactory Commission Initial Inspection Report and compliance with all local laws, zoning, with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, state/county fire marshal, weight and measures requirements, and COMAR specifications.

Distribution of medical cannabis may only be distributed legally in Maryland by licensed dispensaries approved by the Commission. Other companies that have been pre-approved to grow, process, and dispense medical cannabis are currently working through Stage Two of the approval process, which includes undergoing criminal background investigations, completing regulatory requirements, securing local zoning approvals, as well as constructing their facilities. The Commissioners will vote on final licenses in public meetings, on a rolling basis, as pre-approved companies complete their regulatory requirements.

The MMCC anticipates that medical cannabis will be available to patients from a licensed Dispensary in late Summer 2017. As each Dispensary is established and licensed, their locations will be posted on the MMCC’s website.

In a separate decision: The Commission voted today to suspend all three of MaryMed LLC’s pre-approved applications (Growing, Processing and Dispensing) pending requests for further information. The MMCC Bureau of Enforcement and Compliance has requested further information from MaryMed LLC concerning their applications.
The Commission at this time has not been provided with the requested information.
Their applications are considered suspended pending further investigation.

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