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Strain Sheet: Tangie from Heavyweight Farms (Washington)

Tangie from Heavyweight Farms (Washington)

Name: Megan
Strain: Tangie (Sativa cross of California Orange and Skunk)
Grower: Heavyweight Farms (Washington)
Stats: Total THC 25.07% Harvested 12/14/16
Onset: Within 3 minutes
Fade: 2 hours
Texture: Dense with decent moisture content, soft, well trimmed
Taste: I can’t put the right words together for what this tastes like other than it is pleasant, fruity and reminds me of a mojito.
Smell: Fabric softener, fresh cut grass, spring
Smooth/Harsh: Both, Not harsh in a bad way but I did cough a little bit.
Emotions: Happy, energetic, motivated, hyper
Tingling: None felt
Control/Focus: Out of control happy! Listening to music and dancing around the house! However I was able to work quickly and amazingly enough, accurately. (For the most part anyway )
Strength/Energy Level: 10/10
Paranoia: None
Relieves: Bad mood, boredom
Positive: Super fun and positive high!
Negative: Nothing
Other: This is why I love Tangie! I will be trying other products from Heavyweight Farms soon!

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