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WIRE: Cinex wax from Altered State (Washington)

Cinex wax from Altered State (Washington)

Name: Megan
Product: Cinex (pull n snap wax)(sativa)
Grower: Altered State
Other product info and Stats: CBD 1.0% CBDA .3% THCA 85.1% Total Cannabinoids: 77.89%
Onset: Right away
Fade: About an hour
Smell: Like a grow op right before the harvest
Taste: Tropical, pina colada
Texture: I am not sure why it is labeled as “pull-n-snap” because it the my fav texture of live resin
Harsh/Smooth: Smooth, strong, instant
Strength: 10
Energy Level: 9
Control/Focus: Great, retained info well on my first day at a new job
Tingling: Both arms about 20 mins later
Emotions: Calm, awake, open-minded
Paranoia: No
Relieves: Lower back pain
Positive: Productive and alert, positive mood
Negative: There’s somewhat of a sugar crash-like effect, I get really tired after it wears off
Other: When I took the first hit, I felt it in my face, my forehead, there was a pressure that built up and alleviated itself. This is exactly the kick in the ass high I was looking for!

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