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Strain Sheet: Atomic Blueberry Kush from Agro Couture (Washington)

Atomic Blueberry Kush from Agro Couture

Name: Megan
Strain: “Atomic Blueberry Kush” (lineage unknown – Indica dominant shatter. 90%)
Grower: Agro Couture (Purchased at The Herbery).
Onset: 1 min
Fade: Not sure, it put me to sleep!
Taste: Citrus, sweet
Tingling: Slightly on face
Smell: Lemon, citrus
Strength: 9
Control: Not good! I accidently took a fat hit of this before work instead of the Sativa I meant to hit! So it’s great for relaxing and sleeping but not to begin the day with!
Focus: Not good!
Texture: Shatter
Harsh: Not harsh, provides lovely head rush
Relieves: Headaches, muscle tightness and soreness
Paranoia: No
Emotions: Relaxed lazy
Positive: Puts a calm to racing thoughts
Negative: None other than that stoner mistake before work at 6am!

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