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WIRE: Oregon’s ODIN launches new line of personal vaporizers

ODIN Enterprises is pleased to introduce its exclusive line of discrete personal vaporizers. These ultra-premium vaporizers contain a unique fusion of highly refined CO2 oil and natural terpenes that have been blended to provide a clean and consistent product, every time you purchase.

Until now the taste and potency of cannabis oils in the market have not been repeatable and it has been difficult to find consistency. “Quality, purity and consistency are of the utmost importance to Odin,” says CEO, Paul T. Amsbury. “We have been committed to this project for years and I was not prepared to release the ODIN line until it was perfected, that time is now.”

ODIN is available in ODIN REFINED, which has been formulated at 40% THC for social situations and for consumers that may want to ease into their experience.  ODIN RESERVE is formulated at 70% THC for those looking for a product that is more robust. Both products deliver a silky taste and aroma with delicate velvety undertones.

About Odin Enterprises: Odin is an Oregon-based holding company with gold-related investments in Oregon and Washington, here are the gold IRA reviews on some of the companies. Odin’s brand portfolio includes Freya, Odin, and Who?. Through Odin Enterprises’ subsidiaries, Odin is poised to provide quality cannabis products in several states, including Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Nevada. Founded in September 2015, Odin’s mission is to produce the highest quality, all-natural cannabis products in every state where cannabis is legal.


Michelle Lindars, Odin Enterprises

(503) 241-0539

Source: Odin Enterprises

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