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Vape Pen Review: Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

I admit it – I tend to make a mess of most vape pens.

I tend to use too much oil, which gums the things up or leaves me smoking on the burnt remains for far too long.

But Dipstick Vapes has a far better solution – the Dipper (or D!pper if you want to be technical on the spelling).

Slick and streamlined for your hand, the Dipper comes with a thin tip (like a nectar collector) that heats electronically and can be dipped into the wax of your choice.

I love this solution because it saves valuable wax by only burning exactly what you need at any given time. Also, it seems to let a bit of extra air in when you inhale, which helps with the harshness of some dabs.

Make sure you keep the tip pointed down when inhaling, however, because if you tip the Dipper up while smoking the wax still drips into the system a bit.

Another nice thing is the Dipper’s variable heat settings. Once you turn it on, you push the button three times to change to one of three different heat settings – glowing blue, green or red when touched depending on how hot you want it. I’d suggest lower settings for crumble and sugar wax and higher settings for pull and snap and harder wax textures.

Charging is also a breeze – you just plug it into a USB port and when it’s good to go the power button glows green.

And if for some reason dipping into wax is not your thing, the Dipper also comes with a standard quartz crystal atomizer so you can use it just like a standard chamber vaporizer.

The top cover of the Dipper comes off and goes onto the back end as a mouthpiece when the vape is in nectar collector mode, which gives the smoke a longer pathway and also seems to mellow it out some.

In standard chamber mode, the top cover stays directly over the chamber, making the smoke pathway closer and more direct. I find I cough a lot more when I use it that way – but it’s still handy to have the chamber option since the consistency of wax varies so much.

The Dipstick is available for $149.99 from Dipstick Vapes, and I have to say I think it’s well worth the price. It’s probably my new favorite vape pen – and my lungs love it!

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