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WIRE: Decriminalization will increase cannabis investment in Israel

Tel Aviv, IsraeliCAN Israel-Cannabis and CannaTech welcome today’s cabinet decision decriminalizing cannabis in Israel.

Saul Kaye

iCAN co-founder Saul Kaye said: “Decriminalizing Cannabis in Israel is another step towards creating a Canna-Tech global industry, with Israel at the forefront. This step, although not legitimizing use, is due to reduce the negative perception of the plant as ‘immoral or ‘criminal’, increasing openness to its outstanding medicinal & wellness properties.”

He continued: “The decision will significantly increase entrepreneurship and investment into cannabis in Israel, create numerous jobs, and in fact, the country is reaching new heights in cannabis R&D and cannabis-related industry investments.  Israel’s medical cannabis industry is the world’s most advanced, with over 50 ongoing clinical trials testing cannabis efficacy on a variety of illnesses and diseases.  As Israel is on its way to allow the export of medical cannabis the financial rewards in Israel alone are expected to reach hundreds of millions of dollars.  iCAN and CannaTech were established several years ago, to make sure this momentum is seized and leveraged by exposing the opportunities, networking professionals and channeling funds to Israeli innovative ventures in the field.”

Hundreds of scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, investors, agri-tech specialists, and policy and regulatory professionals known for their significant and ground-breaking contributions to the cannabis industry from Israel and around the world will gather at the 3rd Annual CannaTech conference in Tel Aviv taking place March 20-21 and in the Arava Desert on March 22.  CannaTech showcases and accelerates cannabis innovation, connecting professionals from all around the world.

For further information about the upcoming CannaTech 2017 conference in Tel Aviv click here.

About iCAN
iCAN is a Global Accelerator of the Israeli Medical Cannabis Industry. ICAN identifies innovative ventures; invests; connects professionals from various industries; and serves as a hub of knowledge, awareness and reeducation regarding Israeli Canna-Tech for audiences worldwide.
For further information or to interview Saul Kaye contact:  Laura Kam, +972-54-806-8613

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