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Strain Sheet: Super Sour Humboldt wax from Happy Hill Farm (Washington)

Super Sour Humboldt wax from Happy Hill Farm (Washington)

Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: Super Sour Humboldt (hydrocarbon extract) wax (sativa hybrid)
Grower: Happy Hill Farm (sub brand: Fusion Xtrax) (comes w/terpene analysis on back)
Processor: W.O.W Industries
Manufacture Date: 12/15/16
Stats: THCA 74.23%  THC 3.92%  CBD .80%  Total: 69.02%
Onset: 2 minutes
Fade: 40 minutes
Texture: Goopy, but not wet
Smell: Blackberry, minty
Taste: Sarsaparilla root beer
Strength: 6
Energy Level: 5
Control: Pretty Good
Focus: Good enough.
Emotions: Relaxed, yet awake and alert
Paranoia: No
Tingling: No
Relieves: Muscle tension
Positive: Low-key functionable
Negative: Not very strong
Harshness: Pretty smooth
Other: Won’t buy again

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