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Strain Sheet: Obama preroll from Horse Heaven Hills High (Washington)

Obama preroll from Horse Heaven Hills High (Washington)

Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: Obama Kush (Indica cross of Afghani and OG Kush)
Product: 2 pk pre-roll 1 g each
Producer: Horse Heaven Hills High (Benton County, Washington)
Stats:  THC 16.8%  CBD  .10%   Total Cannabinoids 19.9%
Harvested: 10/05/16
Onset: 4 minutes
Fade: 60 minutes
Taste: Sweet, left a sweet candy like flavor on my lips
Burn Quality: Started off very slightly uneven. It corrected itself after a few puffs
Harshness: Smooth until the very end and then I began coughing. Not bad
Strength: 8 Strong
Energy Level: 8
Emotions: Self- disciplined, determined, motivated, cheerful and thoughtful
Paranoia: None
Tingling: Forehead near my hairline
Control: Great, able to enjoy a long walk
Focus: Good.
Relieves: Tension in my chest from anxiety and nerves
Positive: Taste amazing!
Negative: I kept ashing it all over because every time I took a puff whatever tiny ash was there would drop! I ash my stuff accordingly; so this was particularly annoying that it kept happening.
Other: Smells and tastes bomb! Like smoking a smokeable gummi bear!

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