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WIRE: Fairwinds medical products among first approved by Washington DOH

From James Hull, owner of Fairwinds Manufacturing:

We are super excited and proud to announce that Fairwinds Cannabis is committed to support the Washington medical cannabis community and the Department of Health medical cannabis program.  Several months ago we declared a large portion of our canopy to support medical products only and have been growing well over a thousand plants since, to support our DOH compliant products.
In December we obtained DOH compliant approval for multiple products, and now have several products ready for distribution.  On February 3, we made our first and the industries first delivery of DOH approved products to a medically endorsed store.  Included with this delivery was our HIGH THC capsules which we first released as 25mg THC (10) serving packages.  Our 50mg THC (10) serving capsule packages will be distributed in the coming weeks, following positive feedback of the 25mg potency.
Fairwinds has backed up our claim of Clean Room Cultivation with ‘Pesticide free’ reports for our concentrated oil and final products including data reports with nothing but ‘nd’ (non-detects) for every tested pesticide across the board.
For those of you whom are interested in distributing DOH compliant infused cannabis products, email us as soon as possible and let us know, as initial supply may be limited.  Most likely we will have to start with distribution to a limited amount of stores and expand as we get a feel for the market demand and what products are most sought after.  
NOTE: The HIGH THC products can ONLY be sold by stores with a DOH medical endorsement…… but ALL I-502 stores can sell GENERAL USE and HIGH CBD DOH compliant products.  However, only customers with an approved medical card, purchasing DOH compliant products FROM a medically endorsed store, can receive the state tax exemption.  That being said, any store can provide a discount to their discretion to a customer, in accordance with Chapter 314-55 WAC.

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