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Strain Sheet: Gravitron Fusion Xtrax from Happy Hill Farm (Washington)

Gravitron Fusion Xtrax from Happy Hill Farm

Name: Megan and Alex
Product: Gravitron Fusion Xtrax (live resin concentrate)
Producer: Happy Hill Farm (Ford, Washington)
Processor: W.O.W. Industries
Other Info: Hydrocarbon Extract Made 12/15/16. On the back of packaging there is a full terpene analysis on a sticker!
Stats: THCA 77.98% THC 1.81% CBD.47% Total 70.20%
Onset: As soon as I exhaled the first hit
Fade: About 30-45 mins
Smell: Cherry, lime, citrus, minty, it reminded me of vicks vapor rub
Taste: Creme Brulee topping
Strength: 10
Energy Level: 5, very strong relaxer
Texture: It looks like honey after it’s been crystallized into sugar crystals.  It is live resin, soft, smooth, light honey colored and sparkly.
Harshness: It’s a bit overwhelming in a good way!
Control: I’m really stoned!
Focus: Pretty good, considering!
Paranoia: No
Relieves: Insomnia, stiff muscles and overall I am much more comfortable.
Emotions: Pleased with this product for sure! Feeling Creative, motivated and joyful!
Tingling: On top of the right side of my forehead and my right hand.
Positive: So far, everything! The price was great, the container it comes in is reusable and heat resistant to nectar collectors! I haven’t seen that before until I bought this!
Negative: “It looks kind of small,” Alex says.
Other: Gravitron is one of the best live resins I have ever had! I went back and bought another one! It has the consistency of a sugar facial scrub/exfoliant, it’s malleable, easy to work with and just beautiful as it is!

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