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Strain Sheet: Blue Harley from Medicine Woman (Washington)

Blue Harley from Medicine Woman

Name: Megan
Strain: Blue Harley (high CBD content) Indica
Grower: Medicine Woman Farm
Stats: CBD 9.72% THC 6.79% Total 17.36%
Onset: 5 mins
Fade: 2 hrs (Noticeably much less pain)
Taste: Cinnamon roll icing
Smell: Very light farm-like aroma
Texture: Dry, round, slightly sugar coated nugs
Burn Quality: Harsh and dry. It coaled up and burned forever
Strength: 9
Energy Level: 9
Control: Able to clean for inspection
Focus: Satisfactory
Relieves: Really did do wonders for my back and neck muscle tension and pain. Mobility and flexibility became a lot less strenuous
Emotions: Disappointed in the instant headache
Paranoia: May have made a bad buy, but my back is better, but my head is not
Tingling: No
Harshness: A little rough on the back of my throat
Positive: Much more tolerable when mixed with better weed such as the Orient Express.
Negative: Definetly must be mixed with better weed. It relieved one ailment only to give me a headache, when I tried mixing it, it worked much nicer.
Other: Reminds me of my cousins farm when we were little. It has that familiar taste and smell.

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