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Strain Sheet: Dorado Blond Cactus BHO from American Farms (Washington)

Dorado Blond Cactus BHO from American Farms

Reviewers: Megan and Alex
Product: Dorado Premium Extracts Blond BHO
Company: American Farms (Tiller)(Available at High 5 Cannabis and The Herbery)
Strain: Blond Cactus (indica cross of Afghani and Northern Lights)
Stats: THC 2.28%  THCA 77.20%  CBD.48%  Total THC 69.98%
Onset: 3 mins
Fade: 75 mins
Texture: Slabs look like bacon
Taste: Sweet molasses, black tea
Smell: Sweet, stony, honey like
Strength: Strong! Potent!
Control: Slightly on the anxious side, stoned and distractible
Focus: Space out easily
Tingling: Elbows, back of neck and cheeks. Same every smoke sesh!
Emotions: Optimistic, interested
Paranoia: No – a little anxiety the first time and none the second. So I guess it depends on what else is going on.
Relieves: Noticeable pain in upper back
Energy Level: 8, Good for doing chores
Positives: Very tasty, strong and smooth
Negatives: Just a tad bit on the anxious side because I have a lot to do and I don’t feel like doing any of it.
Other: The taste is amazing! A real treat! This tastes like pure honey, weed and vanilla ice cream! The “slab” texture makes 1g of this last me quite a bit longer than live resin or anything in a liquid form.

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