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Product Review: Magical Butter MB2e

By Frank Penn
Cannabis Daily Record

If you’re looking for an easy, surefire way to make your own cannabis-infused butter at home, I recommend turning to Magical Butter’s MB2e.

Yes, from the name, it sounds like a droid right out of Star Wars, but this colorful little butter maker lives up to its manufacturer’s namesake. It really is kind of magical. Follow the instructions, then set it and forget it, and before you know it you’ll have the perfect butter for baked goods. Of course, you can also use this handy device to make your own oils, tinctures and lotions, but I haven’t yet experimented with any of those.

The process is cleaner and less wasteful than making butter in a pan on a stovetop and much faster than using a slow cooker, which can sometimes take a day or more to finish. With the MB2e, after throwing all your ingredients in, locking the lid and pushing a little button, you’ll have cannabis-infused butter in just a few hours. No mess, no odors and practically no maintenance involved.

My first experiment with the MB2e was a potent batch of brownies made with the infused butter I’d just created. I could barely taste the cannabis — the tastiest infused brownies I’ve ever had. So I can’t recommend this machine enough for butter.

In my second go at it, I made a batch of salted caramel cashew bars, also a success. The recipe came from a new cookbook from the owners of edibles manufacturer Laurie and MaryJane, entitled “Marijuana Edibles, 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts.” In all, I used 12 tablespoons of cannabutter to make 36 bars.

Weighing only nine pounds, the machine isn’t too clunky or awkward to work with, and it’s easy to store. I do have to warn you, though, it’s not so easy to clean. The machine comes with a self-cleaning function that will hopefully be more effective in the next iteration. You have to be careful not to wet or submerge any black parts of the machine in water during the cleaning process.

For now, Magical Butter sells the MB2e for about $175 on its website, but you can also find it on Amazon. The package includes a cookbook, a purifying filter and a handy non-slip silicone glove that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Overall is a great product you can use in your everyday life, for more products or products review visit HotRate, where you can find different products for all your needs and tastes.

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