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Strain Sheet: God Bud wax from Smokey Point Productions (Washington)

God Bud wax from Smokey Point Productions

Name: Megan and Alex
Product: God Bud wax (Indica)(Sold at High-5 Cannabis)
Smokey Point Productions (a.k.a. The Clone Zone, Washington)
Info: THC 73%  Total Cannabinoids 91.60%
Onset: Right away
Fade: 75 mins
Taste: Candy, sugar and peachy when using a nectar collector, yum!
Smell: Strong skunky smell upon opening the package
Texture: Hard slabs, yet malleable enough to form onto dab tool
Strength: Potent
Emotions: Happy, content, relaxed and stoned
Control: Pretty good, noticeably stoned!
Tingling: None
Focus: Typing is difficult
Harshness: None
Relieves: Cramps
Positives: Potent, instant high
Negatives: Hard to ration, I already know this will go fast (and it did)
Other: Very tasty, smooth hits and comfortable high

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