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Strain Sheet: Preroll two-pack day/night from Panacea Cannabis (Washington)

Preroll two-pack day/night from Panacea Cannabis (Washington)


Name: Megan and Alex
Product: Panacea Cannabis 2pk Day/Night 2pk .5g pre-rolls
Strain: Green Crack (Day/Sativa)
Stats: THC 23.01%  CBD .03%
Harvested: 9/15/16
Farm: Solar Joe’s
Onset: 2-5 mins
Fade: 45 mins
Taste: Mouth numbing.
Burn Quality: Burned great!
Harshness: Made us both cough a little bit, however I still wouldn’t call it harsh
Emotions: Motivated, content
Tingling: On my scalp
Control: Just fine
Focus: Just fine
Relieves: Muscle tension, anxiety
Paranoia: No
Positives: Fun coloring and watching Cedric The Entertainer
Negatives: None
Other: I love the way it is presented in the packaging, it is intriguing and cute


Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: Blueberry .5g pre-roll (Night/Indica)
Product: Panacea Cannabis 2pk pre-roll Day/Night (.5g ea)
Harvested: 10/20/16
Stats: THC 25.5%  THCV .7%
Onset: 2-3 mins
Fade: 60 mins
Taste: Pleasant, lightly flavored weed
Burn Quality: Ran a little at first but smoked fine overall
Harshness: Not harsh
Control: On point, able to finish chores and run errands
Focus: Found myself in la la land a few times
Emotions: Mellow, tired, relaxed
Tingling: None
Relieves: Anxiety, stress
Strength: Medium
Paranoia: None
Positives: Small joint packs a good punch!
Negatives: It didn’t burn as well as the first one
Other: Great night time weed! It is relaxing and it allows you to go to bed when you want to and fall right to sleep, rather than puts you to sleep.

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