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Strain Sheet: Blackberry Kush from Agrijuana (Washington)

Blackberry Kush from Agrijuana 

Name: Megan and Alex
Strain: Blackberry Kush (indica)
Info: Indica LED Grown Harvested 8/15/16
Grower: Agrijuana (Battle Ground, Washington)
Stats: THC 18.50%  CBD .13%
Smell: Very light aroma
Taste: Watermelon rock candy
Texture: Hard, dense, dry, crystally, THC coated nugs
Onset: 3 mins
Fade: 50 mins
Tingling: None
Strength: Strong
Emotions: Peaceful, relaxed, mellow, content, happy
Relieves: Any noticeable chronic pain
Control: Super giggly
Focus: Not bad
Paranoia: None
Harshness: None with bong or pipe
Positive: Beautiful buds that burn nice and smoothly
Negatives: Burns almost too quickly
Other: Alex loves it, says it burns really nice

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