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WIRE: Maryland group forms wholesale medical marijuana trade association

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MedCan) announced today that it has been established to advocate for improved public health, patient access, and the advancement of science within the state’s medical cannabis industry. MedCan founding members are among growers and processors of medical cannabis selected for preliminary licenses by the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

“MedCan is committed to fostering a favorable social, economic and legal climate for the responsible advancement of medical cannabis to improve public health and patient access in Maryland,” said Sue Quintero, Chairwoman of MedCan’s Board of Directors. “All of us are committed to the responsible and safe cultivation of cannabis and the production of medical cannabis derived products while promoting transparency, consistency and accountability within the state’s medical cannabis industry.”

MedCan is comprised of 20 founding members, including seven organizations that have received preliminary licenses for growing and processing, six companies that have received preliminary licenses for growing only, and seven that have received preliminary licenses for processing only.

“Despite our diverse background, we all have one goal in common: to help patients obtain the important medicine they need as soon as possible,” said Reggie Alston, who is the Business Development Officer at Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics, LLC and MedCan’s Treasurer. “Maryland has yet to make medical cannabis accessible, and for years, patients have been waiting on the sidelines in certainty. MedCan is first and foremost committed to advocating on behalf of those patients, who may need medical cannabis to alleviate serious medical ailments.”

MedCan’s Board of Directors is represented by all of its members and also has an Executive Committee that includes:

Chairwoman: Sue Quintero, Advisor, ForwardGro, LLC
Vice Chair: Jake Van Wingerden, President, SunMed Growers, LLC
Treasurer: Reggie Alston, Business Development Officer, Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics, LLC
Secretary: Mackie Barch, Director of Corporate Development, Doctor’s Orders, LLC
At-Large: Haris Siddiqui, Director, HMS Health, LLC
At-Large: Michael Bronfein, CEO, Curio Wellness, LLC
At-Large: Susan Zimmerman, CEO, Kind Therapeutics USA, LLC

MedCan aims to educate and equip patients, medical providers, and lawmakers with the information they need to advance the medical cannabis industry in Maryland, as well as establish the state as a national example for education and quality standards. To achieve this end, MedCan has established committees that will continuously incorporate these goals into the association’s work and evolve with the industry and organization over time.

MedCan’s Legislative Committee will advocate for patient-centered medical cannabis legislation that is both safe and smart. Chaired by Gail Rand, ForwardGro’s Chief Financial Officer and Patient Advocate, the Legislative Committee intends to play a role in Annapolis this legislative session to help ensure medical cannabis is available to patients as soon as possible.

MedCan has hired lobbying firm Manis, Canning & Associates to advocate on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the industry. MedCan has also hired KOFA Public Affairs to establish and implement the association’s public relations strategy and to act as the organization’s administrative arm, as well as Venable LLP to provide legal counsel.


AFS Maryland, LLC
Blair Wellness, LLC
Chesapeake Alternatives, LLC
Curio Wellness, LLC
Doctor’s Orders, LLC
FGM Processing, LLC
ForwardGro, LLC
Freestate Wellness, LLC
Green Leaf Medical, LLC
Harvest of MD, LLC
HMS Health, LLC
Holistic Industries, LLC
Kind Therapeutics USA, LLC
Maryland Compassionate Care and Wellness, LLC
MaryMed, LLC
PharmCulture Corporation
ProGreen Medical, LLC
Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics, LLC
SunMed Growers, LLC
Temescal Wellness of Maryland, LLC

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