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Strain Sheet: Girl Scout Cookie resin from NWCC (Washington)

Girl Scout Cookie resin from NWCC

Reviewer: Megan
Product: Girl Scout Cookie resin (Hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison)(Purchased at The Herbery)
Grower: NWCC (Washington)
Smell: Minty
Taste: Primo! Pure!
Onset: After one big hit!
Fade: About 30-45 mins
Texture: Resin Crumbles
Form of use: Banger
Tingling: On my forehead
Emotions: Happy with product, mellow
Relieves: Boredom and feeling overwhelmed
Harshness: Not harsh
Control: Unimpaired
Focus: Easily distracted, off task
Paranoia: Slightly yes, because my I can’t see thru my peephole! So I don’t know who’s at my door. (I don’t want to yell “who is it” and have the landlady see weed smoke pillowing out the door!)
Strength: Potent!
Positives: Throat hurt last night but feels much better now
Negatives: A bit of paranoia
Other Comments: This is amazing stuff and what a deal too!

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