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Product Review: Plazmatic X Dual Beam Lighter

By Sue Vorenberg

A lighter that doesn’t need messy butane refills? Sign me up!

The Plazmatic X Dual Beam Lighter has a few drawbacks for the stoner set – particularly if you like to use a pipe – but for joints or most anything else you want to light, it’s incredibly handy and easy to use.

The electric lighter creates a very hot purple cross beam between two points that’s ideal for firing up a preroll or even lighting your fireplace.

It’s small and handy, but that’s also a problem if you want to light something that’s awkwardly shaped. The plasma flame only lights in a line embedded between two metal points at the upper part of the lighter – an area made a bit more awkward by the Plazmatic’s flip-top.

If you want to light a pipe with it, you have to pile the weed high over the bowl so you can stick the lighter into it to get it lit. Otherwise the flame doesn’t extend far enough to light a packed bowl.

I’d love to see an elongated version of the tip where you can actually dip the plasma beam into a bowl for smoking (they have a lighter called the Pure Spark Elite that seems to fit the bill, but I haven’t tried it). But then again I’ve always been biased toward my pipe.

As a useful gadget though, this thing shines.

All you have to do to refill the Plazmatic X is plug its USB charger into the wall. That’s much better than my Zippo problem, where every time I refill it the butane either drips all over the place or dries far too fast.

And the thought of never having to buy butane again (or inhale it) is certainly a big plus!

It’s also lightweight, small, easy to carry around and wonderfully windproof. And at under $50, it makes a great stoner stocking stuffer!

I’d highly recommend it to my joint-loving friends. As a pipe smoker, though, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that somebody pops one of those Pure Spark Elites in my stocking!

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