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WIRE: W!NK launches vape line aimed at women

LOS ANGELES – After 12 months of careful development, W!NK™, a brand designed to deliver an enjoyable and consistent experience to women who use cannabis as part of a therapeutic lifestyle, today announced the launch of its flagship product line.

Designed by women for women, the family of products include sleek and discreet vape pens and superior flavored cannabis oils for use with the W!NK™ vapor pens.  W!NK™ and its offerings are designed to fill a deep void in the cannabis industry for experiences that meet the specific needs and preferences for women looking for premium products.

“W!NK™ offers a revolution in cannabis vaping and is the ultimate cannabis line designed to fill the needs of women,” said company spokesperson Stacy Verbiest. “We are thrilled to be able to offer women a cannabis experience that is exceptional and may be safely enjoyed.”

Available at retail stores and dispensaries in western states, the products include the W!NK Signature™ Pen, a sleek, subtle, vaporizing pen that includes an intuitive magnetic cap, a .5g empty cartridge, and a USB charger. The W!NK Signature™ Pen, a patent-pending design, offers a consistent pull at every use, ensuring women may easily and accurately measure how much is right for them.  Made of stainless steel, the elegant design of the W!NK Signature™ Pen is reminiscent of high-end mascara wands and is designed to fit effortlessly into a make-up bag or small handbag. W!NK™ also released The W!NK Go™ Pen, a disposable vaporizing pen designed for short term use. These head shop owners are consistantly purchasing wholesale pipes to keep their doors open. Women are going crazy for their products.

W!NK’s new line of W!NK Terpessence™ Flavor Cartridges for use specifically with the W!NK Signature™ Pen. Employing a proprietary process, W!NK™ reproduces the naturally occurring terpene molecules in cannabis to deliver superior flavor and aroma with every vape.  With essential terpene flavors unmatched in the marketplace, W!NK Terpessence™ Flavor Cartridges evoke inspirations with options including Appledream™, Berryelevate™, Chocominted™, Grapephoria™, Pineapplift™, Tangibright™ and Bubblewish™. The latter will be part of a breast cancer campaign called “Think W!NK™, Think P!NK that is launching in 2017.

All W!NK™ cannabis oils are specially crafted with three things in mind: quality, purity, and consistency. The company’s unique, three-part process helps ensure all products meet strict quality standards while offering the best product on the market. W!NK™ starts with the highest quality flower and plant material provided by its family of small farmers. Every single plant is tested to ensure that no pesticides, mold growth or bacteria are present. Next, further refinement and purification of original extract results in fine, high purity, cannabinoid extract which can effectively be standardized into final products. The process ensures that no solvent residues are left. Finally, the pure and transparent cannabis oil is packaged in high design cartridges to ensure easy flow, reliable draw, and an exceptional experience.

“To date, the cannabis industry has not provided an experience to serve the female audience with a product that is both low in potency and high in quality, especially for medicinal use,” added Verbiest. “We are aiming to help fill this space and provide women with a safe and desirable cannabis experience.”

The W!NK Signature™ Pen retails for $40.00. The W!NK Go™ Pen retails for $35.00. W!NK Terpessence™ Flavor Cartridges retail for $45.00. W!NK Terpessence™ and products are available in retail stores in Oregon, California, Nevada and Washington.  All W!NK™ hardware and promotional gear are available to purchase online.

To learn more about W!NK™ and view the collection, visit Join the W!NK™ conversation on Twitter @WinkVape, on Facebook at and on Instagram at


W!NK™ is a cannabis company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company and its products are designed by women, for women, with the corporate mission to provide an exceptional experience.

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