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WIRE: S2solutions launches inventory management software for the cannabis industry

SEATTLE — s2solutions, an inventory management software company for the legal cannabis industry, announces the release of cutting edge CRM and order processing and fulfillment software. Utilizing an enhanced process flow, the new module allows companies to easily scale with fewer employees and is fully integrated with required state reporting.

“Cannabis is just like any other professional industry,” says s2solutions COO Chase Towery. “Serious, legal businesses need software and technology that’s not only tailor made for the industry but can also deliver powerful results. Our software helps processors in a growing industry continue to grow, while allowing their team to focus on improving products, relationships, and the overall bottom line.”

The legal cannabis industry is currently a $7.2 billion industry, and it is projected to grow to $22.8 billion by 2020. In the recent election, nine states had marijuana initiatives included on their ballot. Voters in California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts made marijuana legal for recreational use and voters in Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota approved medical access to marijuana.

Current year to date sales for the industry are over $1 billion in the state of Washington alone. s2solutions’ system is already in use by Northwest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS), the largest cannabis producer and processor in Washington. According to Jordan Polk, Chief Sales Executive at NWCS, they have seen sales balloon from $950,000 per month to $2.2 million per month since implementing the system.

“s2solutions has changed the way our organization runs. Managing a sales team and over 200 partners was never an easy task, but with s2 we now have real time inventory at our fingers 24 hours a day, allowing my team to see all lots and QA results, and quickly get recommendations on items needed by partners,” says Polk.

Though s2solutions intends to go national, the company is currently focusing on Washington state, where it is partnered with 2 of the top 5 processors that, at present, are processing in excess of 3.2 million worth of invoices per month.

“Mastering the intricacies of each state’s processing and reporting regulations takes time and cannot be rushed,” explains Towery. “Because we want our software to work seamlessly for processors, we are starting in Washington state, where we are based. We will expand state-by-state, because it is crucial for technology, traceability, and physical processes to perfectly align.”

s2solutions recently closed a $1 million round of private funding. While they are specifically focused on software for cannabis processors now, the next module is currently in beta with a select group of retailers. When launched, it will ease the purchasing process and provide powerful and easy to understand analytics on product performance.

About s2solutions

s2solutions brings the cannabis industry out of the shadows and into the world of professional 21st Century business. The Washington-based company provides cannabis software solutions for client relationship management, automated order fulfillment, logistics, and business intelligence. s2solutions was founded in 2015 by a group of professionals in the inventory management, software development, and legal cannabis industries. |


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