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WIRE: Cannassentials wins prestigious Oregon Dope Cup and GanjaCup awards

Eugene, Oregon – Cannassentials was awarded 1st Place Best Flower Nose (Medical Category for Orange Haze strain) earlier this month at the prestigious Oregon Dope Cup.

The event, organized by Dope Magazine, is one of the most recognized in the Northwest. Winning an award in any category at this event is considered a prestigious honor in the industry.

At GanjaCon a week later, Cannassentials also took home 1st Place GanjaCup Awards for Outdoor Grown Flower (Guava Chem Strain) and Greenhouse Grown Flower (Cherry Kush).

Cannassentials — an organic cannabis farm outside Eugene, Oregon — is at the forefront of a movement dedicated to regenerative cultivation. They are adherents to the “beyond organic” method and strive to grow plants in “living soil,” in harmony with nature, creating an “upward spiral” of sustainability.

“It was a real honor to place in the Dope Cup, let alone win a category,” says Cannassentials Master Grower Shane Budd. “Without a doubt Orange Haze is our most pungent strain,” he adds. “The smoke from its exhale fills the room with such goodness, it can practically be used as incense. It is one of our favorite daytime smokes.”

The Trichome Institute of Colorado provided the scientific data upon which Oregon Dope Cup awards were presented. All judging was completely blind, using objective measures ensuring a fair competition.

The members of this impartial judging panel wrote “The [Cannassentials] bud structure was perfect. The bud color was outstanding. The trim was the most perfect trim, very tight. The trichome density was dense. The trichome health was very healthy. The trichome ripeness was many clear and amber, few ripe. The pungency was beautiful and strong. The scent was very enjoyable especially upon crushing. The smoothness was outstanding. The flavor was delicious and coated my mouth. The burnability was perfect and burned consistently. Additional notes: The flush on this sample is perfection, super clean. Strong density for such a sativa variety. Some of the longest Trichome stalks I have ever seen. Orangesicle smell in the bag. When crushed, the smell was almost kerosine-like with hints of diesel. Sticky buds with loose structure.”

At GanjaCon Eugene 2016 (founded in Portland in 2015) Cannassentials took home awards for outdoor and greenhouse grow methods which means that in 2016 the farm has won 1st place in all three grow categories (indoor, outdoor and greenhouse). GanjaCon’s founder, Jason Lear enthused “Winning greenhouse and outdoor categories in the GanjaCup Eugene 2016 cemented Cannassentials reputation as the most successful competitor ever at GanjaCup.”

In addition to entering flower to be judged at GanjaCon, Cannassentials co-founder Shane Budd spoke on a panel dedicated to growing championship quality cannabis. Budd remarked “I am enthusiastic about encouraging others to learn more about organics and sustainable growing. It’s great when people realize that sustainable methods actually create a better product.”

2016 Fall GanjaCup (GanjaCon November 2016 – Eugene, Oregon)
1st Place Outdoor Grown Flower Category- Guava Chem
1st Place Greenhouse Grown Flower Category- Cherry Kush
2016 Oregon Dope Cup – (Annual Dope Magazine Awards – October 2016, Portland, Oregon)
1st Place Best Flower Nose (Medical) Category – Orange Haze
2016 Spring GanjaCup – (GanjaCon April 2016 – Portland, Oregon)
1st place – Indoor Grown Flower Category – Sour Diesel
2015 GanjaCup –(GanjaCon Oct 2015 – Eugene, Oregon)
1st place – Greenhouse Category – Sour Diesel

Find Cannassentials online at and on Facebook and Instagram.

Cannassentials is based outside of Eugene, Oregon and was founded in 2015. Shane Budd and William Sandberg are the Master Growers, founders and co-partners alongside cannabis connoisseur and company CFO, Myron Chadowitz. The farm is at the forefront of a movement dedicated to regenerative cultivation. As adherents to the “beyond organic” method Cannassentials strive to grow plants in “living soil” and in harmony with nature, creating an “upward spiral” of sustainability. Their flower is highly prized by cannabis gourmands who seek out high-end merchandise distinguished by a handmade, artisanal approach.

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