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WIRE: Garden Remedies opens first medical marijuana dispensary in Newton, Mass.

NEWTON, Mass. — Garden Remedies, Inc., a nonprofit founded by Karen Munkacy M.D., has opened the first medical marijuana dispensary in Newton, Massachusetts.

The Garden Remedies dispensary features products grown and produced at Garden Remedies’ cultivation facility in central Massachusetts, under the approval of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. All cultivation is grown using organic methods. Garden Remedies is the ninth medical marijuana dispensary to open in Massachusetts.

Trained Garden Remedies patient care advocates will advise patients on the most suitable products for their specific medical conditions. Medical cannabis patients who have registered with the Department of Public Health can now make appointments online at

As a breast cancer survivor, Newton resident Dr. Munkacy extensively researched pain management solutions for her medical condition. Though initially skeptical about the benefits of medical marijuana, Dr. Munkacy learned through research how medical marijuana relieves chronic pain from cancer treatments and a variety of other chronic and debilitating medical conditions.

“As a doctor, cancer patient in remission, wife, and mother, I have compassion for anyone who can be helped by medical cannabis,” said Dr. Munkacy, “Throughout my career, patients had told me that medical marijuana provided a significant amount of relief for them. As a physician, I had my doubts. It was not until I did my own research that I discovered medical marijuana provides unique benefits not just for cancer patients, but also for those suffering from a multitude of medical conditions. It’s also one of the safest medicines any patient can take.”

“We’re pleased to be able to offer patients medication right now at our Newton location, and encourage patients registered in Massachusetts to schedule an in-person appointment online,” said Dr. Munkacy.

Garden Remedies offers multiple types of medical cannabis, including indica, sativa and hybrid, in a range of ingestion forms, such as vape products, flowers and tinctures

Dr. Munkacy and the Garden Remedies team have worked closely with the Newton Community and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to ensure that the Garden Remedies dispensary meets the most stringent regulations and safety procedures.

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