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Strain Sheet: Dutch Treat from Puffin Farm (Washington)

Dutch Treat from Puffin Farm


Name: Megan
Strain: “Dutch Treat” (sativa hybrid)(purchased at High 5 Cannabis)
Grower: Puffin Farm
Harvested: 10/2015
Stats: THC Total 23.4% CBD 1.1% CBG 2.10% Cannabinoid Total: 30.5% Total Terpene 2.50%
Smell: Intoxicating, stony, smack in face when opening
Taste: Vanilla sugar wafer cookies
Texture: Moist and dense
Onset: About 3 mins
Fade: 30 mins
Relieves: Strong anxiety. This helped me calm down
Tingling: Slight tingles in eyebrows and upper arms
Paranoia: No
Emotions: Slightly anxious (not because of the weed, though)
Harshness: It isn’t harsh
Form of use: Bong ( I need a good pipe ) I’m saving up
Strength: Low
Positives: Got things done, productive and good day
Negatives: May be a bit too moist. It’s hard to light and keep lit. I tried placing the remainder of the nugs into a glass jar without a lid. I left it like that overnight and no changes. Next day, same thing. I think it was not dried long enough before packaging.
Control/Focus: While doing chores I began “deep cleaning” areas in the kitchen, while already in the middles of dishes. Long story short I was not multi-tasking efficiently. However at the end of the day the kitchen looked spotless. It just took a comical amount of time and no strategy lol
Final Note: I do not recommend this particular product because of the moisture/lighting issues. I will say that it served a purpose, got me stoned, aided me in deep cleaning my kitchen and therefore was not a waste.


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