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WIRE: Americanna launches CannaPuffs jet-puffed edibles in Colorado

BOULDER, CO — Americanna has announced the introduction of CannaPuffs to the Colorado cannabis edibles marketplace.


The new line of jet-puffed confections combines the pleasing texture of the best marshmallows with the bold flavors of Americanna’s line of traditional gummies.

“This style of confection is brand new to the cannabis edibles marketplace, and it’s also novel in the world of traditional confections,” said Americanna founder and CEO Dan Anglin. “We are eager for edibles consumers to try CannaPuffs — we think they are the finest cannabis product on the market.”

The Puffs come in flavors of watermelon, strawberry, sour apple and grape in both sour and sweet profiles. They benefit from Americanna’s premier garden-to-gummy approach — the company grows and extracts all of its own cannabis — as well as Americanna’s propietary precision dosing technology, which ensures exact THC content in each piece of candy.

The new line of CannaPuffs hits shelves just six months after Americanna sold its first pot-leaf-shaped gummy in Colorado, and illustrates the company’s recent conclusion of a dramatic expansion that more than doubles Americanna’s ability to craft and distribute cannabis-infused candies.

The boosted production allows Americanna to offer its more than 300 dispensary partners in Colorado at least 20 different products between the original gummies and the CannaPuffs.

“The new line is only possible thanks to our successful expansion,” said Americana co-founder and partner Frank Falconer. “Discriminating cannabis consumers across Colorado are speaking with their dispensary purchases, and what they are saying is `More Americanna, please.’ And we aim to please. Expect to see more new products across 2017.”

About Americanna: With an emphasis on quality, precision dosing, responsibility and affordability, Americanna gummies are the first gummy products in Colorado to meet strict state standards for compliance that took effect in the fall of 2016. Americanna grows its own cannabis without harmful pesticides, uses only valuable first-run extracts in its products, employs a custom approach to precision dosing that ensures products contain reliable amounts of THC and offers only pot-leaf shaped gummies to help broadcast that the candies contain THC.

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