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Strain Sheet: Trucker Shatter from Cascadia Gardens (Washington)

Trucker Shatter from Cascadia Gardens


Reviewer: Megan & Alex
Product: “Trucker” Shatter (Sold at The Herbery)
Grower: Cascadia Gardens (Washington)
Form: Slab on parchment paper, solid enough to break, malleable enough to mold to dab tool
Taste: Lemony tea flavor
Smell: Lemony again, sweet
Onset: After one solid hit
Fade: Still high after 120 minutes!
Strength: Potent
Emotions: Satisfied
Tingling: No
Control: Not sure, I want to go somewhere, but I can barely write (I wrote)
Focus: Ok for now, we’ll see
Paranoia: No
Relieves: Neck pain
Form(s) of use: Banger: I took a huge hit,  immediately got high on the exhale. Alex, poor guy, coughed his butt off. I do my best not to cough otherwise like Alex, I wouldn’t be able to stop.
Positives: Really stoned after one hit. Really, really stoned!
Negatives: I moved the product from paper to silicone container for easier use. When it hardens it can be difficult to get desired amount on dabbing utensil.
Other Notes: This is first time I’ve tried this brand. I am happy with the results so far. I will be trying other products by Cascadia Gardens again.

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