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Strain Sheet: Citrine from Freedom Flower (Washington)

Citrine from Freedom Flower


Reviewer: Megan
Strain: Citrine
Grower: Freedom Flower (Available at High 5 Cannabis)
Harvested: 10/10/2015
Smell: Sweet bubble hash
Onset: 5 mins
Fade: 35-40 mins
Taste: Like a simple salad with pot leaves
Strength: Low
Control: Hard to self-motivate and be productive
Focus: Unfocused and constantly off task
Paranoia: None
Tingling: Upper arms
Emotions: Alert, content
Texture: Very plain jane, average weed. Not fluffy, dense enough to hold together, just very ordinary.
Harshness: Slight
Form(s) of use: Bong bowl
Positives: Light. Good for either day or night time. Between coffee and this, I am feeling very well balanced.
Negatives: Nothing special or particularly unique. It’s as ordinary as it gets! Bland in flavor, and just average all the way around.
Other: I recommend smoking this and laying in bed or couch binge watching TV.


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